Social Media, Controlled by the Left Is Out of Control – Hate, Racism from The Left Is Allowed; Truth, Facts from the Right Are Banned, Shut Down – 9/2/2020

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Dear Instagram friends, I have been shut down by Instagram without a reason. They expect me to grovel back in 30 days. I am not, I am done.  We have the power.  I will not stop speaking out about what is true, decent, American, Patriotic, facts and truth.

Like Dinesh D’Souza said on Parler today,: “Arson, mayhem and murder. Brought to you and paid for by the Democratic Left. A vote for Biden is a vote to crush the American Dream.

Will miss you all.  Come to my Blog.  I am always here.

God Bless You! God Bless America.  Come to Parler.  Message me.


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