The Ghislaine Maxwell (Epstein) Documents Are Unsealed – #wwg1wga – 7/31/2020

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Below you can find Techno Fog’s Thread regarding the Ghislaine Maxwell (Epstein) documents that have been unsealed.

Minors were trafficked to Maxwell, Prince Andrew, Alan Dershowitz. Bill Clinton was on the Island.  Read the attached documents on the bottom of this post.

Maxwell directed a minor to have sex with former MIT scientist Marvin Minsky on Epstein’s Island in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Dershowitz no only abused minors but helped draft a non-prosecution agreement that gave Dershowitz immunity.

Keep Remembering these words:  We have it all!


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Ghislaine Maxwell directed minors to give erotic massages.

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Witness interview:

Bill Clinton was on Epstein’s island with Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, and “2 young girls.”


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Continued On the Attachment:  President Trump has been fighting child sex trafficking for a very long time. He is working against child, woman sex trafficking.  Trump is building the WALL to prevent this most heinous crime. It is not only abuse, it is slavery and ultimate death.  Slavery of U.S. Citizens and of those coming to America illegally.  That is the reason for the Wall.

Think about this:  Why would the Democrats fight against the building of the wall? Fighting against funding for the wall that stops the trafficking and abuse of children.  Research it.  You will be shocked, I was.  Who owns the Democrats and RINOS? Think about it?  WORST OF ALL, The FBI knew about it since early on 2011 and did nothing. What does that tell you?

Want to know why there are RIOTS in the Streets? It is to cover up this information from coming out. Bet you not one Democrat who watches CNN or MSNBC out there knows about these crimes.  Make sure to share it with them.  More will be coming out soon about bigger names.  Get ready.


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