TURN OFF YOUR “Tele” “Vision” – You are being brainwashed – 7/21/2020

WANT TO KNOW WHAT IS REALLY GOING on? Turn off your “tele” “vision”. The deep state created the TV to brainwash you Mr and Mrs America. IT’S CALLED OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD.

YOU CAN’T keep the Freedom you have without fighting for all you LOVE. You need to fight NOW, while you have a chance. China, Islam, Soros, Anarchists, Antifa, BLM, they all want Our Country to destroy it and make it so that it is used to enslave us while they enrich themselves.

Change your thinking and change your life.  You need discipline and mental strength. The only way you get that is by eating right, praying to GOD almighty for power and protection and guidance. You do what is right every minute of the day and never, ever give up. WE can do THIS America!


ciasuseofjournal00unit (click here to see the actual cia manual)


Click here for the link to this Qmap.pub post 4303

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They want you drinking the Chlorinated and Fluoride water so that you remain passive while YOU consume all the lies they manufacture on the boob tube.  All this, while they take over the world.  Research:  FLUORIDE


Want good news sources after you turn off your tv?

Here they are:  https://theqanonhub.weebly.com/

There are enough youtube accounts that are connected to or Decode the Qmap.pub drops.

Follow all the patriots at the Hub and you won’t need to turn your tv on anymore.

I strongly suggest you do this in order to save America before China and all our enemies win and we lose everything.  Thank you! and God Bless You!