The Anarchist Playbook: Speaks About the RIOTS in America -They are trying to make America a Socialist Country – 6/26/2020




Mayor Rudy Giuliani speaks OUT about how Democrats  wanted to fundamentally change our country for a long time.  Obama and his minions descended on America like a dark plague.  But this is not about Color:  this is about the illuminati luciferian Pedo New World Order Marxist Bolsheviks of whom Soros is key. OBAMA works with Soros to make societal changes he deems necessary.   Soros funds ANTIFA and BLM.  They are working to destroy our Government and take down our President and destroy our country and history.  (Marxists, Socialists, Leninists, Maoists, Illuminati Luciferians)

It is about time we wake up and not submit to the propaganda that says we are racists.  WE are NOT! This is a mantra used to inflame minorities in America. The socialists use our minorities as weapons and keep their hands clean.  

America will not support socialists who release prison criminals into our society. The moment they are released, people are killed, raped, maimed. I guess that is the plan.  Overwhelm the system. Destroy our Police, defund it and set up riots and fires to destroy our civil society.  My grandfather who lived in Europe at the beginning of WWI told me about these Bolsheviks and how they destabilize societies.  He warned me how they progress in increments in order to entrench their divisive selves into societies and then pounce on the people to break it.

These Bolsheviks are trying to destroy America. Stop watching CNN, MSNBC or any other media for that matter.  Wake up America.  Get involved before these types of crazies take over your hometown, your children’s school or your town’s city hall. Get involved in the local level.

TURN YOUR TVs OFF:  GO TO:  QMAP.PUB and research there for what is truly happening.  Follow and President Trump on twitter @realDonaldJTrump and


I for one I am going to Vote Trump 2020. He is the only real choice to save this country and protect our children and families.  Below is a complete list of all his ACHIEVEMENTS SINCE BECOMING PRESIDENT:  READ AND ENJOY!  He is a terrific President for We (All) The People of America.

President Donald J. Trump’s Accomplishments List