Fox News Interview of Attorney General William Barr – Justice Department – 1 & 2 – 6/10/2020

Not a fan of Brett Baer, but Attorney General Bill Barr is worth our attention. He is an honest, careful professional. A seasoned professional who speaks clearly and directly.


  1. The Black Lives Matter movement to defund police departments is not acceptable
  2. It is “dangerous to Demonize” Police
  3. Racial Injustice is unacceptable by all Americans.
  4. White House Leadership position. President Trump should be able to walk outside of the White House to the Church of Presidents
  6. COVID19 AND CLOSING AMERICA-FORBIDDING people from living their lives is house arrest.
  7. Prince Andrew’s investigation
  8. Law and Order – AG Barr sees that a government that is strong to govern but not so strong that it abridges the rights of the people. You have to have power but you have to have control of that power.
  1.  Extreme groups are involved and arrests will be coming but AG Barr can’t speak about it now.
  2. Russia Probe Origins – Durham investigations – Durham Report – Justice Department will hold accountable anyone who crossed the line and committed a violation.  There will be a public disclosure in some form at the appropriate time.
  3. The was a very aggressive investigation that was done against the Trump campaign. It was an investigative campaign and they ignored all the exculpatory evidence buildup and continued to investigate.
  4. In the Flynn case there was nothing there and for some reason they went right back at it.  Yet they keep/kept going.
  5. For the First Time in American History, Police organizations and the National Security organizations were used to spy on a campaign and there was not basis for it.  The media largely drove them and all kinds of sensational claims were being made about the President that could have affected the election.  Later on in his administration that were done to sabotage his campaign.  That is my job as attorney general.  I am very troubled by what was brought to my attention.
  6. Unmasking is not by itself illegal. The patterns of unmasking can tell us people’s motivations at any point in time, especially in 2016.
  7. The Flynn Case:  in the process to dismiss the charge. The argument is that its always been understood that decisions whether to pursue an individual accountable in through the criminal process is vested in the Executive Branch and not the courts.  The judge is essentially trying to set himself up as an alternative prosecutor.  This has never seen before.
  8. Carter Page:  The wheels of justice grind slow.
  9. Censorship by Social Media:  these companies are now acting as publishers because they are sensoring particular viewpoints and placing their own content and sensoring various peoples views.  Looking into changing Section 230 which is a rule that protects these companies, which will require the Senate.
  10. Prisoner Swaps with Iran have required the Justice Department to drop charges or agree to time served for defendants in federal courts. This policy has to be handled with care.  The benefits outweigh the risks.
  11. Dealing with President Trump is good because he is decisive.  He has been a good leader.


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