Are you aware that Soros wants anarchy? If President Trump had not brought In the National Guard, all of America would be burning – Let me show you – 6/3/2020

Let me show you with videos what is really happening to Police in America.  Not the pervasive propaganda from the MSM’s  ‘lügenpresse’.  This part is NYC, the #NYPD. These are decent people. I have seen them in action, I have worked with them a couple of times and they are outstanding.  This is a very sad post for me. For I cannot sleep thinking this is going on in America. That George Soros, a Nazi is paying to destroy our America and coordinating with the terrorist group ANTIFA to do so.

I also found out that ANTIFA had trained in Syria with ISIS. (read below) 

The blog Vlad Tepes has the story (h/t

Geller Report Writes: American and European Antifa members are being attracted to the US-backed Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) due to their anarcho-communist politics, who are in turn persuading the Antifa extremists to fight alongside them in the “Rojova revolution.” reports: Security agencies are concerned that these Antifa members will continue the “revolution at home” once they return. Already FBI sources have revealed Antifa literature and photos taken in the Middle East which were found in the hotel room of suspected Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock.
In a policy that began under the Obama administration, the US military is providing weapons and training to YPG members, many of whom are directly linked to the PKK terrorist organization.
This policy was wrapped under the guise of fighting ISIS, however, backing terrorists to fight terrorists hasn’t worked in the past.
An uproar occurred when US special forces in Syria attached YPG insignia to their arms and the US military was accused of supporting terrorism, to which the Pentagon admitted wrongdoing and said the use of the insignia was unauthorized.
As a result, the US military was forced to rebrand YPG as “Syrian Democratic Forces” (SDF) to provide plausible deniability.
The weapons and military training that the US military has provided them with are in turn being provided to western members of Antifa.
These members of Antifa, along with the Kurds, have been constantly glorified in the mainstream media.
Rolling Stone magazine interviewed several “western leftists” that are fighting in the YPG.
And the fact that these anarcho-communist militias have ‘women who are fighting ISIS’ is something that is oft-repeated.
Antifa groups in Europe and North America have posted photos of their fighters holding up the Kurdish YPG-flag along with the Antifa flag in Syria.
Now this group of militants is calling themselves the International Revolutionary People’s Guerilla Forces [IRPGF] and the vanguard “of the revolution” in Rojava who vow to fight capitalism all over the world.
This is already happening as Antifa members were part of an armed demonstration in Phoenix, Arizona.
One of the groups involved, the John Brown Gun Club, already glorifies the Kurdish YPG.
It’s plausible the photos from the Middle East that were found in the room of the Las Vegas shooter (along with Antifa literature) were photos of Antifa fighting alongside Kurds in Syria, and it’s also possible the shooter crossed into Syria to receive military training.
Foreign fighters are able to legally fly to Turkey and then illegally cross into the Syrian border without being detected.
Germany is already reeling from a large population of Antifa, 1.2 million Kurdish immigrants and Kurdish militant groups working together in large numbers.
Furthermore, thousands of Germans have illegally crossed into Syria to fight alongside Kurds, thus it’s no surprise when German Antifa gangs show up at right-wing rallies with hundreds of people and commit violent attacks.
The media, however, continues to glorify Kurdish fighters as “the only people fighting ISIS” while ignoring the efforts of the Syrian and Russian governments.
This is mainly because the military-industrial complex had plans to balkanize Syria and Iraq, in the “project for a new Middle East” and they don’t care if they accomplish it using Islamic terrorists or Kurdish communists.
The Kurdish militias are not much better than ISIS, nor as liberal and democratic as the media portrays them to be.
In fact, the Kurds themselves are not one homogenous group, with the majority of Kurds being Sunni Muslims and some of them even joining ISIS.
In Iraqi Kurdistan the percentage of female genital mutilation is around 70% while it’s zero in all other parts of the country.
In fact Iraqi Kurdistan, along with Yemen and Egypt, are the only areas of the Middle East where female genital mutilation is routinely performed.
But even the communist YPG has been active at ethnically cleansing Christian Assyrians, Arabs and other minorities in the areas they deem the “Kurdish” state. Often times the areas they claim don’t even have a Kurdish population.
Since the Kurdish population aren’t a majority in the areas Kurdish militias are trying to annex, they are carrying out these ethnic cleansings of non-Kurdish minorities in an attempt to achieve a demographic shift.
The YPG forcibly disarmed Assyrian Christian militias after assassinating their leader, David Jindo.
In Iraq the US-backed Kurdish militia Peshmerga forced Christian and Yazedi militias to disarm, before abandoning them to genocide once ISIS attacked.
And the Kurdish regional government of Iraq is still not allowing these minority groups to return to their villages even though ISIS was pushed out two years ago.
The idea that Kurds deserve their own state is something that is being perpetually pushed by pro-war think tanks and liberal sympathizers; however, this pays little attention to the origin and history of the Kurdish people.
For one thing, the word Kurd was a designator for Iranian nomads.
Like many other nomadic groups such as Bedouins and gypsies, they cross borders tending to livestock.
They typically cross through Iraq and Turkey following the Euphrates River and live mostly in mountains.
In 1915, the Turkish government promised Kurds the homes and cities of the Armenian Christians if they were to participate in the Armenian and Assyrian genocide.
However after Kurds complied, Turkey reneged on the deal of giving them autonomy.
The population of Kurds in north Syria resulted from multiple waves of illegal Kurdish immigration from Turkey after they failed to mount insurrections against the Turkish government.
Many of these Kurdish were given refugee status by the Syrian government at the time, but now these same refugees are demanding their own state and are trying to claim ownership of much of Syria’s oil fields and are blocking the Syrian army from fighting east of the Euphrates.
This foreign policy of balkanizing Middle Eastern countries to create a Kurdistan may have explosive implications not just for the Middle East, but also for the West, as it breeds a new form of “Antifa resistance” as well as terrorism in the same way that ISIS was bred through US deep state foreign policy.

The deep state’s planned destruction of America was ended on 2016, when we elected President Trump. They used every trick in the book to destroy our President, but it didn’t work. Then they inflicted the Pandemic on America and we all figured it out. President Trump stopped his incredible economy to protect America from the pandemic to only find out that Faucci is a traitor who is well connected to Bill Gates and the Gates Foundation.     

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Exposes Bill Gates & His Relationship With Big Pharma

Here is what the NYPD is suffering:


NYC POLICE CHIEF blasts Cuomo’s comments of NYPD as ‘disgraceful’


Here is some truth telling:


The Catholic Church, Christian Churches do not condemn the riots. Whose side are they on?

At Least Five Police Officers Reportedly Shot, One On Life Support As Rioters And Law Enforcement Battle Across The Country




THEN THERE IS MINNESOTA: Obama’s playground where he landed 60,000 illegal Somalie who never pledged allegiance to America. That needs to change.

There are factions in Minnesota connected to Linda Sarsour, Ilhan Omar and all those with foreign allegiance to terror organizations.

May GOD have mercy on our Police, Military, our President and the American people.

WE will recover, we will stand for Police for Law and Order and thank GOD for President Trump! This is the will of the American people.