How Obama SPIED on the Trump Administration as a Police State – Obama’s coup d’état – 5/19/2020

The Obama administration were sabotaging Candidate Donald J. Trump, President Elect Trump and subsequently, President Donald J. Trump. They spied on him and leaked the information.  It was recently uncovered that Obama put spies in the Trump campaign and leaked it to the Press.  Obama unmasked 39+ people in the Trump campaign and then leaked it to the press. They falsified documents and lied to the FISA court. 

Obama sabotaged an opposition party and the left cabal impeached the “Victim” President Trump.  Those in CIA and National Intelligence, FBI, the Media are all in on it.  Just think about it.  Just like Judge Emmet Sullivan. These are all the praetorian guard. Obama unleashed six federal agencies against a duly elected President.  This cannot go on without being tried in either federal court or Military Tribunals.  

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Obama used the IRS against members of the Tea Party. The most lawless administration was the Obama administration.

The ones who helped Obama to try and take down President Trump were the Media.  They lied in your face America. There was never any Russian collusion. This was a plan to take down a duly elected President Trump with a lie.  Barack Obama had to know about all this.

AMERICA: DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.  Follow these patriots. 

Qproofs is a tool for Patriots worldwide to research QAnon drops.

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The following members of the Obama administration “Under Oath” said this:  But lied on National Media Daily & Sunday Shows, not under oath. The Media REPEATED THE LIES working to impeach the “Victim” of the lies, President Donald J. Trump. 

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