RESHARE: TEAM Trump Online with Lara Trump & Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell – On 5/2020

Lara Trump successfully tackles issues of importance to AMERICA.


  1. Coronavirus

  2. Chinese Communist Party

  3. China threatened America with cutting off pharmaceutical exports to the U.S. to “plunge us into the mighty sea of coronavirus”

  4. Joe Biden has questions to answer and has downplayed the China threat

  5. Phased reopening of the U.S. Economy – Congress has passed multiple bills to help America through this pandemic:

    1. Cares Act which provided $2.2 Trillion Dollar Bill provided funds for small business, hospitals and those struggling through this closedown

    2. Open America back up:  Carefully and consistently, with the Coronavirus Task Force recommendations, to begin opening the country up again.

    3. Being closed up as a society creates other problems.  Being alone affects human beings, shut out from others, not seeing the doctor on a regular basis: this can bring depression and so on.

  6. Some democrats seem insistent in keeping America closed and keeping people locked up at home and out of work. Democrats seem to overreach:  Governor of Kentucky LOST two cases in Federal Court. HE OVERREACHED.  He tried to have a travel ban to which you couldn’t leave or come into the state. He tried to stop churches from having a drive in  service on Easter Sunday, in their cars, six feet apart, following CDC guidelines.  Former President OBAMA CRITICIZED President Trump for the travel ban, when that is the most important life saving action President Trump has taken to protect American lives.  Obama is classless doing this in the midst of a crisis.

  7. Litigation Protection so business can get back to work.

  8. Democrats oppose everything the President and Republicans need to accomplish in support of America.  Specifically, Judicial lifetime nominations.  Litigants from now into the future can rest assured that when they present their case in front of a judge, you will get a judge that has not predetermined the outcome of their case.  That they will be treated fairly in America thanks to President Trump and thanks to this Republican majority Senate.

  9. WE must make sure President Trump is re-elected.  IF he does not win, first thing Democrats they will do is destroy the balance of the courts.  They will increase the government size and our national debt.  They will take away our rights as we know it.  Donald Trump wants to keep America great.

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