Rudy Giuliani’s: How Italy is Reopening after Coronavirus Shutdown – 5/12/2020

Rudy Giuliani interviews Andres Ruggieri, Member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, Lawyer, Journalist, Rome, Italy.

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He explains how Italy is beginning to reopen after COVID-19 shutdowns and the mistakes Italy made that America can learn from.


Italy is still under lockdown.  March 8, 2020, Italy began its lockdown.  The biggest mistake Italy has made is to close the Milan region.  People from that region fled to the southern parts of Italy.  Infection never exploded in the south of Italy.  Almost all of the cases are all in northern Italy, above Florence up to the border.  The Milan area has a serious problem.  No problems in Venice anymore.

Problems are from Tuscany down to Sicily, Sardinia, Florence, Rome, Naples, Capri, Amalfi Coast, Sicily and Sardinia.  1/3 of Milan is sick.  In the Rome district they have 0.06% of people infected, manageable.  All of Italy was locked down.  The southern part of italy tends to be poor and depends on their work, more than Northern Italy. Tourism is 14% of Italy’s GDP.  In the Amalfi coast you only speak English.  Tourism employs 3.5 million people in Italy.  This coming Summer they won’t be able to work.  These people will still have all their bills due and no work.

May 4th, some parts of Italy have gone back to work, 4 Million.  Shops are closed, restaurants and bars are closed.  The Vatican is closed.  Nothing is open.  Italian tourism is suffering a lot of unemployment and poverty.

When will the closedown be lifted in Italy?  May 18th. Covid-19 numbers are really dropping in Italy.

Italy expects China to refund them for all the costs. Their economy is truly suffering due to this pandemic.  China is trying to buy Italian companies, communications, infrastructure.  They are trying to take advantage of this situation and of Italy’s situation.  China has become a threat to Italy.

Mr. Ruggieri stated that the United States has a stronger identity and stronger foreign policy.  Italy needs to learn to be more aggressive.  China has atomic weapons, lots more money than Italy.  They are a serious threat.  The Italian media and government attitude with China is weak.  Ruggieri wishes Italy were stronger on their stance with China for the cost, suffering, deaths of this pandemic.

Mr. Ruggieri likes President Trump’s stance.  Trump is very clear and is outspoken and you know what he means.  President Trump is admired.

Reminder:  Center and South of Italy are safe from Covid-19.  Stay away from the northern parts.

God Bless America and God Bless Italy!