PRESIDENT TRUMP Meets with Republican Members of Congress – 5/8/2020 – The White House

President Trump has created the greatest economy in U.S. History and China’s COVID-19 destroyed it.  President Trump vows to reconstruct it and will make it happen.  He will have to start all over again and will build something better.  He is remembering the many people who have died in America and the world because of this horrible virus.  He spoke of the pain we all have gone through and the sadness we experience.

President Trump stopped his wonderful economy in order to save countless millions of American lives.  He said that we will have an incredible transition.  America will be Great Again!  He is working hard with America’s governors to open reopen America. He said that we will have embers and fires, and we will put them all out. His eyes are open to what can happen.  President Trump also said that we have learned so much during this terrible time imposed on America by outside forces.