Italians sing in unison as they remain in lockdown with COVID-19 – God Bless Italy & the Whole World! – 3/17/2020
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As Coronavirus continues to spread in Europe, Italy has sealed off entire towns and canceled major events. says that Italy has 27,000 confirmed cases of novel coronavirus (CLVID-19) as of March 16, 2020.  Of those, 2,100 have died.  92% of the cases were mild. “The Italian government has announced that law enforcement authorities would establish checkpoints at airports and train stations to collect self-declaration forms from travelers specifying the purpose of their movement and destination. Italian officials have also noted that checkpoints may be established on highways to collect these forms,” the Embassy adds.

The saddest thing is:  “traditional funeral services are illegal throughout Italy now. NYT reported.

60 million Italians are essentially under house arrest.

But, the Italian soul cannot be contained:  They are now singing in unison as they remain under lockdown.  God Bless Italy and all nations in the world!

God Bless America! Lord have Mercy on Us!



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