President Trump Participates in a Bilateral Meeting with the Prime Minister of The United Kingdom – 7/13/2018 – The White House, U.K. Chequers

President Trump and British Prime Minister May Hold a Bilateral Meting at Chequers, the countryside residence of the British Prime Minister.  Both leaders spoke briefly to the press. Issues discussed were vital to the security and relationship between the two nations.

“The Prime Minister and I worked very hard together in NATO.  That was an incredible two days. We have never been more united.  People are paying.  We are two of the five that are paid up, the others are coming along.  It was a very, very productive two days. We arrived here last night.  We had a dinner where I think We have never developed a better relationship last night, it was an hour, an hour and-a-half……..Today we are talking trade, talking about some incredible anti-terrorist things here that we are doing in conjunction with the United States.  We are going to do a news conference in a little while, so we will answer your questions then…..Right now we will discuss things about the Middle East and elsewhere. President Trump