News Conference on Annapolis, MD Shooting – 6/28/2018

2:30-2:45 PM TODAY-IT happened inside the building where the Capital Gazette is housed owned by the Baltimore Sun.  There 170 inside the building where this took place.  Gunman walked in, went to the front door of the Capital Gazette with a long gun.  He opened fire and inside the newsroom at that moment was the newspaper’s Crime and Courts reporter.  Jumped under his desk, and shortly after tweeted what was happening.

First, and most important, President Trump said his thoughts and prayers were with the victims of the shooting at the Capital Gazette in Annapolis Maryland, Thursday afternoon. President Trump Thanked the first responders to the incident.

Later in the afternoon, Police Chief stated that there were no more persons in the building that were a threat to anyone else.  Police stated that the suspect was taken into custody and he was going to be interrogated.  The suspect allegedly was a white man, and he is in custody. Gun used by the suspect was a long gun. No make or model given. Suspect was not at all cooperative. Suspect even rubbed off his fingertips thinking he would not be identified.

Fox News stated that there were 5 dead and were not able to give how many were taken to the hospital.  Kimberly Guilfoyle, a former prosecutor, explained on The Five that the reason police arrived so quickly to the scene is due to the unified implemented protocol that allows authorities to talk to each other throughout the United States.  There was an explosive device that is no longer a threat.  They were able to locate, identify and block the explosive device.  Police were not aware of other devices.

8:00 pm is the next expected report from the police.  The suspect had no ID on him which FBI said it shows that he had a plan B.  The police surveyed and cleared the location.  They turned it over to investigators to go through it and investigate the timeline.



sources: various Fox News contributors