PRESIDENT TRUMP Meeting with Kim Yong Chol, Kim Jung Un’s Right Hand Man, in the Oval Office This Moment – America Pray for Peace – 6/1/2018

President Trump as we speak is meeting with Top Notch North Korean Official KimYong Chol in the Oval Office.  President Trump will be presented with a letter from Kim Jung Un.  We pray these talks work out for the peace of the world.

Mike Pompeo is present at the Oval Office During this meeting as well as Chief of Staff Kelly.  We pray for peace… they talk about denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.  

President Trump has a delegation at the DMZ doing the detail work for the June 12, 2018 meeting between  President Donald J. Trump and Kim Jung Un.  Nothing like this has ever been done to this level.  This is historic, and Secretary Pompeo has played a key role in this.  He is content being behind the scenes and works with President Trump for peace.  

We have a Warrior Patriot and His Name is President Trump!