Catherine Herridge of Fox News has stated that President Trump’s primary OBJECTION with Andrew McCabe has been how he handled the Hillary Clinton email case and whether he had a perception of conflict of interest with his wife taking money from the Democrats on her senate race in 2015.  This is a well-known fact, nothing to hide here.


What is startling is the fact that Democrats seem shocked that FBI Assistant Director McCabe has left (terminated per Fox News and CBS News). They are trying to blame it on President Trump, not on the due process that the White House is following.  Or, as a possible outcome of the investigations going on by the House Intelligence Committee and the memo that is about to be released to the American public.  The many released Text messages between FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.  They discussed an “insurance Policy” against Donald Trump’s electoral win and referenced a “secret society” to apparently counter Trump’s actions. They refuse to see the truth!

What is also very telling, is the fact that the Democrat left is living in their own world and not allowing a dissenting opinion from the right. They do not want to follow the daily truths being spoken by White House Press Secretary, Sarah Sanders, and the many live briefings that President Trump holds throughout his day, live from The White House or wherever he finds himself speaking. The left also refuses to acknowledge the full power of the Office Of The President of the United States. That leaves this writer to believe that they do not understand the U.S. Constitution and the powers and rights of the presidency.

Ex-Attorney General Eric Holder made negative comments regarding this situation. Nothing good.  Holder does not want to realize how upset Americans were during the Obama 8-year presidency. We on the right all watched in dismay while the Obama White House totally disregarded the rule of law and divided America.  

CATHY McMorris Rodgers (R-WA), House Republican Conference Chair, just stated on Fox News live that she has read the four page memo and stated it is very, very concerning.