Clinton, DNC Bankrolled “Fusion GPS Research” TO SMEAR DONALD J. TRUMP – 10/29/2017 – POTUS Trump has been Vindicated

We now have proof of the Clinton campaign’s Ties to Russia.  This is the same firm, Fusion GPS, that Vladimir Putin hired to smear Sergei Magnistky, who was a Russian Whistle blower, who was murdered in a Russian prison for exposing corruption in the Russian government.

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Congress in 2012 passed something called the Magnistky Act, which is a sanctions bill that places sanctions on Russian officials who were involved in Magnitsky’s murder. Russia did all they could to stop this Act from being passed. One of the things they did was hire Fusion GPS to spread lies about Magnitsky. 

Hillary Clinton’s Press Secretary, Brian Fallon said this morning in a tweet:  “I regret I didn’t know about Christopher Steel’s hiring pre-election. (That’s the head of Fusion GPS) If I had, I would have volunteered to go to Europe and try to help him.  

Brian Fallon has known for an entire year about this and the Clinton Campaign has known.  This was a firm, Fusion GPS, that was used by Russia to smear Sergei Magnitsky, a victim of human rights abuses, a torture victim of the Russian government, while Congress was passing legislation.




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What we know now, is that Hillary Clinton hired the same firm that Vladimir Putin used to Smear Magnistky in order to smear Donald J. Trump.


For those who don’t know, Christopher Steele, is a former MI6 agent who set-up Orbis business Intelligence and compiled the salacious 35-page dossier on then Mr. Donald Trump’s “ALLEGED” ties to Russia.

The Fake Dossier states:  The dossier includes unsubstantiated claims that Russians possess videos involving prostitutes, filmed during a 2013 visit by Mr Trump to a luxury Moscow hotel for the Miss Universe contest, supposedly as a potential means for blackmail.

Telegraph Co. UK states that Marc Elias, a lawyer representing the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) used the Washington-based private intelligence firm, Fusion GPS, to conduct the research, the Washington Post reported citing unnamed sources.

So, to recap.  Hillary Clinton USED Vladimir Putin’s Opposition Research firm TO TRY AND SMEAR DONALD TRUMP.  

That is a scandal of huge proportions.

Source: Mark Thiessen, AMERICAN ENTERPRISE INSTITUTE on Fox News