PRESIDENT TRUMP was “CRYSTAL CLEAR” today at the United Nations – 9/19/2017

The United States has great strength and Patience……so says Our Dear President Trump.  The United States is ready, willing and able, but hopefully it will not be necessary to destroy North Korea.  North Korea has to accept that denuclearization is it’s only hope.  “Rocket man is on a suicide mission.” 

This president said things today that were not diplomatic, they were bold and clear.  We all loved it. It was very on-pointe.  He said to North Korea that they will be destroyed if they continue threatening the U.S. and the whole world.  POTUS was also saying to China that we will not stand for this.  “I mean it, I will do it’ so meant President Trump.  We are not going to stand by and allow this to continue, in this line of strategic patience as under President Obama.

This was a very thoughtful speech.  The Administration is now trying to grapple basically as to what to do with North Korea.  President Trump is looking at all options on the table.

TRUMP CALLED IRAN A “MURDEROUS REGIME” THAT HIDES “BEHIND THE FALSE GUISE OF DEMOCRACY.”  The President blasted the Iran deal calling it the “worst and one-sided transactions the United States ever entered into.  That deal was an embarrassment and it is not the last that you will hear about it. Believe me.”  This President, this leader was bold and the only closest world leader that ever spoke like this was Prime Minister Netanyahu.  This was a courageous speech amongst a group of people who don’t like President Trump, but he wants America to be respected not liked. 

President Trump says “this is what we are going to do, If you don’t like it tough!”  President Trump is powerful and does not ask permission to protect America before the world.

POTUS TRUMP was saying that if North Korea does not stop what they are doing, they are facing destruction.  Some say he was bombastic.  No, Trump was strong!  In Israel they called his speech politics, not bombastic and said that they were very impressed with President Trump’s speech.

He called Hezbollah out by name. All the talk about North Korea is directly related to Iran because Iran and No. Korea are buddies.  The Iranians are providing the know how and the North Korean’s are getting ready to strike.  What is happening with N. Korea now is what will happen with Iran.

The next step will be more sanctions but these are not going to stop North Korea and Iran.  In the future, there is a military option against N. Korea and Iran.  The military option in this case is the only option that is going to work. Sanctions have passed, yes they should be continued but they are not going to stop these two countries from acquiring and eventually using the nuclear option.

War might be the only recourse. It is a risky strategy, there is risk in war.  But we would rather have the risk taken over North Korea and Iran than in the U.S. Or over Israel.

Diane Feinstein called POTUS Trump’s bombastic.  It is shocking!  The speech was a very well delivered speech.  President Trump Called Out Iran, Cuba, Socialism, Irresponsible immigration. 

Regarding mass refugee migration, we the American People are willing to do any job to have independence.  It is not just migrants willing to do the dirty work.  Our people want to make it and are willing to work and do whatever is necessary to make it in America.

As to the dreamers, they want 11 million illegal aliens to be given protection.  This is upsetting and outrageous and it will harden people’s hearts.  Undocumented are “illegal aliens” as NAMED IN THE U.S. CODE.  Plain and simple.  They are not undocumented, they broke the law, them, their families, whom ever you want to blame.  We are still reeling from the horror of being invaded in every level.  How dare they demand something that is only earned by following our laws.  What type of citizens will these people be?

President Trump made it clear, he wants to use heart but his will is Law & Order, the reason why we voted for him.  There was nothing subtle in this speech today. The President knows how to hit the right tones that the proper behavior of civilized nations is not like that of North Korea and Iran. 

The United States has been blessed by a wise, strong, powerful man in words and deeds and that is Our President Donald J. Trump.  Go Get them Sir! We Support You!


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  1. I have said it before and I’ll say it again !
    President Trump is the best thing that ever happened to America .
    All because American Citizens awoke from the horror and reality of what the Demon Crats were really all about.
    Glory be to God !!

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