PRESIDENT TRUMP addresses various topics during a Press Conference in Bedminster, NJ – 8/10/2017


President Trump has inherited many problems that were not taken care of during the last three administrations.  He is working hard on his major plans for America: Healthcare, Tax Reform, Tax Cuts, Infrastructure, Illegal Immigration, Refugee Illegal Immigration, the Border, the Drug wars, liberal judges going against his plans to secure and protect America, Sanctuary Cities and their mayors, the Senate Democrats, the RINOS, North Korea, Russia, China, ISIS, the bugging of his White House that created the leaks, and last but not least Kim Jung Un is trying to blow us up with thermonuclear missiles and sixty (60) of them, threatening South Korea, Japan, Guam and our mainland.  I have never seen so much garbage dumped at the foot of a new president.  To top it all off, the Republican Senate and the House are useless in that they can’t seem to get their little courage up to do a grown ups job. Time to ship them home and clear the decks for Patriots, VETS and Trumpers.

President Trump discussed various Topics:

North Korea – North Korea said “nonsense” about President Trump’s statement. President Trump said that N. Korea has been doing this for many years.  POTUS is backed 100% by our military and many leaders, senators came out in favor of what the President said. POTUS said: “My statement may not have been tough enough,” and said that he is willing do to negotiations.  He mentioned former administrations not wanting to talk about N. Korea.

Regarding Sen. McConnell – POTUS said: “I just want him to do repeal and replace.” Trump said he has heard “Repeal and Replace” for the last 7-years.  He said he has been doing this for 6 months, I get here, I want to sign the bill and I ask them and they don’t have it.  

The senate is playing games because this president wants to sign a healthcare bill and there is nothing to sign. They did not have a President before that was going to sign it.  Trump said that he wants to do Tax Reform and Tax Cuts and wants a very big infrastructure bill.  Trump said: “Mitch, get to work and let’s get it done.  They lost by one vote and this is a disgrace. “

The media asked Trump if  McConnell should step down as majority leader: President Trump said:  “If he does not get Repeal and Replace, Tax Cut, Tax Reform, Infrastructure. Then you can ask me that question.”

President Trump Said: The opioid crisis is an emergency – a national emergency – will spend a lot of time, and money for this crisis.  We are going to make it a national emergency, it is a serious problem the likes of which we never had. It is a world-wide emergency.

President Trump was asked if his Administration was giving mixed messages:  He answered: “There are no mixed messages from my administration.”

The president stated that if North Korea attacks anything we love, things will happen to them like they never thought possible.  They have been pushing the world around. President Trump said that he has respect for China and Russia and that Nicky Haley did a great job. He also stated that if China helps us in, he/we will feel different on trade.  North Korea better get together or they will be in trouble like never before.

I personally feel safe with this president.  He is not afraid to take action but not unilaterally.  President Trump has surrounded himself with the best people to get the job done and as a team of experienced generals and men and women of character and substance.  God Bless Our President.


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  1. Someone powerful should set Mitch McConnell and McCain and the rest of these cronies set them down and make them listen to all of their past speeches about repeal and replace and make them

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