My Take on Today’s Topics – Leaks – Jeff Sessions – and the Left – 8/4/2017

By: Rosemary Micallef

There is a criminal salacious undercurrent that is now becoming visible in D.C. AGAINST our President.

Our National Security is being threatened by these illegal leaks being made available and we need to figure out what it is going to cost Americans in their Lives?

The left is destroying the Sanctity of the Oval Office, other Countries will not trust us enough to call us and trust us with their comments. This is the intention and plan from the left.  Fox said that these leaks began when Michael Flynn first appeared and before President Trump took office, all by the New York’s Times.

As far as Loretta Lynch, there was collusion among the mainstream media to not put out the information out there. Wikileaks showed communication behind closed doors at the DNC and with their media outlets. Allowing the DNC to edit stories before they were leaked. All the evidence is there. Why has this justice department under Jeff Sessions redacted the talking points under Loretta Lynch?

Loretta Lynch was supposed to have been investigating Hillary Clinton and now the House wants a second investigation to be started.

Regarding Comey, it is well-known that FBI’s Comey signed documents under Penalty of Perjury – Perjury is a crime. We all know Comey perjured himself and Comey needs a good defense Lawyer because he broke the law, and he must be investigated.

On another point, Fox News said that the Australian PM says he has a warm relationship with President Trump, even after Transcript leaks. The Democrats that leaked the President’s private telephone conversation with foreign leaders did not win and they will be found out.

WE cannot have government by leaks. They are leaked for political purposes. Lt. Col. Ralph Peters (Ret.) said we cannot have partisan leaks from either side. Leaks about Australia and Mexico are Wrong! These leaks are EXTRA-CONSTITUTIONAL.

On another topic, Fox said that North Korea could soon have a thermonuclear war. Strategy is not that hard when you take ideology out. China wants to be the great power, the dominant power in the Pacific. North Korea’s nuclear program is helping them to focus on them preventing us from holding them accountable on Trade. We must confront China.

Regarding Jeff Sessions verbiage in his comments today, it has been used in the past. Nothing Burger. Sessions says there have been more leaks in first six months of the administration than in the last 3 years all together. Sessions said to Journalists that “we will give you the respect that you deserve” but that is “NOT UNLIMITED.” THE best thing that may come out of this is to give the DOJ more control over the leaks, use precedent used by past administrations.