Anthony Scaramucci is Out – 7/31/2017

As retired General John Kelly was sworn in, the announcement came from the White House that Anthony Scaramucci was leaving his job as White House Communications Director.   The quote that was being broadcasted was:  “Mr. Scaramucci felt it was best to give Chief of Staff John Kelly a clean slate and the ability to build his own team.”

Anthony Scaramucci’s presence created a situation in the White House.  Last week Sean Spicer resigned his post as Press Secretary because of Scaramucci, and a week later Reince Priebus left as Chief of Staff because Scaramucci allegedly insulted him.  

The New Yorker stated that Scaramucci attacked Reince Priebus and also that he made remarks about Steve Bannon.  Source:  Fox News

P.S.  Just heard on Fox News The Specialists that Anthony Scaramucci had requested that he report directly to the President himself.  Retired Gen. John Kelly now has everyone reporting to him directly. 

Also, the President felt that Scaramucci’s comments during an interview were not appropriate.

Sarah Sanders repeatedly said that from now on everyone will go through Kelly if they want to see the President, including Ivanka, Jarred and anyone else.