President Trump Gives a Statement on Healthcare – White House – 7/24/2017

The healthcare monster was created by the democrats – it has destroyed lives, killed people, destroyed our economy.  They have committed treason against America and they still are going against what is right to do to protect our citizenry.  

Please remember this when you vote in 2018: 

The Democrats have TAKEN away our jobs (NAFTA, PARIS ACCORD, IRAN DEAL), our economy, healthcare, INFLICTED common core on our children, our schools, our churches, created ISIS that killed Christians and Jews everywhere.  

We need, no.  WE must support President Trump with the healthcare repeal and replace and all his other plans.  We can tweak them, perfect them but support them.  President Trump is the only one who has America’s back.



The democrats are going towards single payer and are saying that it is on the table.  The democrats are going against everything Americans voted for, lead by Senator Schumer and Senator Pelosi (remember 2018).

America, speak up, the democrats are against our will and the RINOS are not helping.  We need to start demonstrating in the streets today, tomorrow, the next day until they get the message that we support our President and NOT their Resistance!


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