Gorka: Donald Trump Jr. Showing by Example What it Means to be Transparent – 7/11/2017


Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Deputy Assistant – Counter-Insurgency & Counter-Terrorism Expert, Irregular Warfare Specialist. Author:  ‘Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War” Counterinsurgency 

Steve Molsberg speaks with Dr. Gorka –

Donald Trump Jr. put all the email correspondence with a Russian attorney who is not a Russian agent out in the open, an email dump.  This demonstrates just how transparent Donald Trump Jr. actually is.  Donald Trump Jr never did work for the federal government and is a private citizen.  It is laudable for him to do so and it shows just how transparent he is.  


John Podesta, Hillary’s Campaign Chief Is The One With The Real Russia Ties

On Jan. 18, 2011, a small green-energy company named Joule Unlimited announced Podesta’s appointment to its board. Months later, Rusnano, a Kremlin-backed investment fund founded by Vladimir Putin, pumped $35 million into Joule. Serving alongside Podesta on Joule’s board were senior Russian official Anatoly Chubais and oligarch Ruben Vardanyan, who has been appointed by Putin to a Russian economic modernization council.

There’s also this inconvenient fact: In 2016, Russia’s largest bank, Sberbank, where Joule board member Reuben Vardanyan formerly served as head of its investment banking division, had a $170,000 lobbying contract with the Podesta Group — which is owned by John Podesta’s brother, Tony Podesta.

It’s Hillary, Obama who have boosted Putin’s fortunes, not Trump

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton helped Russian interests, operating under a directive from Putin, buy majority ownership of Uranium One,  a Canadian firm that was on its way to controlling almost half of U.S. uranium production. Expanding its access to uranium around the world had become a priority for the Kremlin; control of the raw material would bolster its opportunities to build nuclear power plants such as the Bushehr facilities in Iran and similar projects in North Korea and Venezuela.

In pursuit of the transaction, which required sign-off by Secretary Clinton, tens of millions of dollars flowed to the Clinton Foundation through its Canadian branch – moneys that were not reported by the foundation. Moneys, too, that violated Secretary of State Clinton’s memorandum of agreement with the Obama White House and contradicted information provided by Hillary to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Not only did the Clinton Foundation benefit from ties to Russia, Bill Clinton personally collected half a million dollars at about the same time for a speech made at a forum organized by a financial firm called RenCap, whose ranks were known to include ex-KGB types hand-picked by Putin.


So, let’s see, Donald Trump Jr. spoke to a lawyer to get dirt on Hillary and it’s not illegal. So, what’s the problem ?