WIBG Radio. Talking Trump MAGA policies & NJ. Your opinions please. Please Share! – 7/2/2017


Steven Rogers speaks with WIBG Radio, talking Trump MAGA policies and New Jersey. 



President spoke about Kate’s Law and Sanctuary Cities: This law prohibits illegal aliens from coming back. 


“The President made a promise that he would put Americans first, and he is. His motive is and will always be to protect the American people.” Steve Rogers

We have an issue in New Jersey if Democrats win the governance and the legislature.  Phil Murphy, running for Governor of NJ on the Democrat side, made it clear that New Jersey will become a Sanctuary State.  He will be defying the orders of the President.  

Federal funds will be removed from every city in this state of New Jersey that declares itself as a sanctuary city.  

“Where is the money going to come from to replace those federal funds?”  

Taxpayers in New Jersey will be footing the bill for that. People in New Jersey are going to have to stop that.  The Law is the law. 

Sanctuary cities are there to protect criminal aliens.  They can run into these cities and have no fear of the police apprehending them for the high crimes that they committed.

The motive of this President is to protect the American people.  

In many of the areas in this country where cities were declared sanctuary cities, the crime actually went up.  Property crimes, violent crimes.  



New Jersey is one of two states with a government shut down that occurred on Friday during the 4th of July weekend.  Governor Christie and law makers failed to reach an agreement on the budget and the Governor signed a state of emergency permitting the operation of essential government services.

Steve Rogers – Whenever a political entity is or politician has to dip into somebody else’s bank account, he they are not doing their job.  The people deserve the government they elect into office.  The people of this state have to wake up and realize that the politicians are not doing their job, both Democrats and Republicans.  Can you imagine running a house like this? a budget?

President Trump is draining the swamp in Washington and we need to drain the swamp in Trenton.  One of the most important topics we faced in the campaign while I was running for Governor, was whether we would legalize marijuana or not.   We have to set our priorities out right in this state, just as the President set up his priorities in the Federal Government.  New Jersey government is a mess and is not going to change until people take action and drain the swamp in Trenton.

I would have not shut down the New Jersey government. The President is a great negotiator – I would have worked through the weekend, I would never have gotten to this point.  Why was till the last minute, you know that you have to come up with a budget in June so start in January.  This would have never be allowed to happen under my administration.  Look at the revenue that is going to be lost over this weekend.  This should have never happened! This is why New Jersey is loosing 18,000 people a month are leaving this state, business are leaving.  It will never stop until people wake up and clean house.



The days of Walter Cronkite are gone – it’s a sad day commentary in journalism today have no idea what journalism is.  It has become a political war.  The fake news and the manufacturing of news for example with regards to the Russian investigation.  It has consumed CNN and MSNBC. I turn to FOX, and BBC sometimes and hear the President’s successes.

Why are we not hearing from CNN that there are six million (6,000,000) more jobs that are going to be filled under the President’s jobs program?

Why are we not hearing from CNN and MSNBC that the President is going to meet with Vladimir Putin and sit down and perhaps discuss a pathway to peace in Syria and perhaps how are we going to address North Korea?

Why re not hearing from those both stations about the Sanctuary City and Kate’s Law bill that the President Passed?  They don’t want to share that with the American people. They have an agenda to take this President down. 

Think about this!  From the day President Trump has taken office he has taken challenge, after challenge, after challenge, and each time he has come out a winner. He said the we are going to get tired of winning.  I don’t think we will ever get tired of winning. But What a leader, the guy has come under fire day in and day out and he is still standing!


Tweets – Should the President be Tweeting !

Why not? Years ago when we didn’t have Twitter and social media, these politicians would be in a back room expressing the same thing he is doing publicly but in secret.  

He is very transparent, very open. And frankly when you are involved in politics, enough is enough.  It’s OK for the media to go after him.  They attack his wife, his kids. This is the new norm.  The American people are ok with that.  We have a President who says what he thinks and thinks what he says.  It’s doing no harm to the operation of the country.  

I get tired to hear that the tweets are beneath the dignity of the office.  

What is beneath the dignity of the office the way that the Democrats and some in the GOP have conducted the affairs of government year in and year out before he took office.  

Tweet away Mr. President! We are happy with it!



Should Obamacare healthcare be repealed?

Yes, I belief it should be repealed! It’s an absolute disaster. People lost their healthcare when Obamacare was initiated and think about this.

The people in office that are opposed to the President’s proposal to do this, they are no longer looking at the survival of this country, they are looking at their own political survival.  He has the courage to stand up and to do what has to be done.  And sometimes instead of doing patchwork day in and day out you have to have major surgery. 

The repeal of Obamacare will be the major surgery on the healthcare situation in this country.

I go back to the idea of courage. We don’t have courageous people in office anymore. Sometimes you have to put the country first. They are concerned about their constituents voting against them.  If I loose, if I get defeated, it is what it is. You have to do what is right!

Thank you Steve Rogers !  Thank you WIBG Radio for brining this REAL NEWS TO the people of New Jersey.



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