President Donald J. Trump Punches Back ! – #FraudNewsCNN #FNN – Lying Media ! Fraud News Network ! America Loves It!!!

Never seen before! 

Loser media company #CNN that produces #FakeNews with a narrative heavy on lies, has gotten their “kick in the pants” and America is loving it!!!


CNN remember, President Trump had to fight to get to where he is.  When you bully the “President of the United States”, when you go after his family, when you “Disrespect” the “Office of The President Of The United States” expect to get a kick in the ass.  


When you go against the will of 65,000,000 voters who “LEGALLY” VOTED for President #Trump, you will get a kick in the ass.  

When you disrespect the law of the land, and side with those outside of our Country against U.S. Citizens, expect to get a kick in the ass!


CNN continues to produce Fake News every day.  They continually lie to stay relevant and continue to attack the PRESIDENT knowing that it will keep them in the News cycle.


CNN wrongly targeted Anthony Scaramucci making up lies about him and the administration saying that he has ties to Russia.  Trump advisor warned CNN and that prompted CNN’s retraction. CNN and others manufacture Scandal.



The Media can’t be trusted to report the real news and three of their reporters had to resign for reporting fake news about Anthony Scaramucci, saying he had ties to Russia.  There is no accountability in the media, and President Trump will not take your bull any more.  America is with President Trump.


CNN kept saying that President Trump was under investigation when all of America knew that he was not.  Lies should not be allowed to air.


America has had it with the lies from the media. The media is bullying the President, his Administration and both his Press Secretaries, Sara Sanders and Sean Spicer.


We are tired, CNN should resign!