President Trump Meets with President Petro Poroshenko of “The Ukraine” – 6/20/2017

And we very much admire your leadership, your very effective steps…….. President Poroshenko to President Trump

President Trump met with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko on Tuesday at the White House regarding tensions between Ukraine and Russia.

President Trump’s Treasury Department issued sanctions on Russia back in February of this year.  The White House was accused of rolling back sanctions on Russia.  At that time President Trump said the following:


“I haven’t eased anything,” President Trump told reporters in the Roosevelt Room of the White House. 

Vice President Pence had a full meeting with President Poroshenko and briefly with President Trump.  The two men seemed to really have very good discussions.



THE US has shot down a Syrian warplane in ‘self defence’ following an attack which left coalition-backed fighters injured. EXPRESS 

A few days ago, Russia sent a warning to the U.S. that it would hit coalition aircraft and drones in western Syria in response to U.S. downing of a Syrian warplane.  The Syrian regime’s S-22 aircraft was said to have dropped bombs near coalition-backed fighters, the U.S. protected the coalition fighters.




This was a very positive meeting between President Trump, Vice President Pence and  Ukrainian President Poroshenko.



The White House
Office of the Press Secretary
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Remarks by President Trump and President Poroshenko of Ukraine

Oval Office 

11:09 A.M. EDT

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Thank you very much.  It’s a great honor to be with President Poroshenko of the Ukraine — a place that we’ve all been very much involved in.  And you’ve been seeing it and everybody has been reading about it.  

And we’ve had some very, very good discussions.  It’s going to continue throughout the day.  And I think a lot of progress has been made.  And it’s a great honor to have you, Mr. President.  Thank you.  Thank you very much.

Would you like to say something?

PRESIDENT POROSHENKO:  That’s a great honor and a great pleasure to be together with you, Mr. President — one of the most reliable supporters and partners — strategic partners for Ukraine.  

We’re really fighting to bring freedom and democracy with your very strong support in security and defense — support of our defense, support of my 45 million nation, of the country who is the biggest in the European continent.  And I’m absolutely confident that Ukraine is a story of success.  I’m proud to have you, Mr. President, and United States as a co-sponsor to this story of success.  

And we very much admire of your leadership, of your very effective steps, because today includes two historic days — five months of your presidency and — when we launched the first peace plan — peace plan of Ukraine.  And I’m absolutely confident that our effective coordination will bring the peace to our nation, to our land, and can support our territorial integrity and sovereignty.

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Well, thank you.  It’s a great honor.  Thank you very much.  Thank you.

Q    How will you respond to the death of Otto Warmbier?

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  I think Otto — it’s a disgrace what happened to Otto.  It’s a total disgrace what happened to Otto.  That should never, ever be allowed to happen.  And frankly, if he were brought home sooner, I think the result would have been a lot different.  He should have been brought home that same day.  The result would have been a lot different.  

But what happened to Otto is a disgrace.  And I spoke with his family.  His family is incredible, what they’ve gone through.  But he should have been brought home a long time ago.  

Thank you all very much.  I appreciate it.

11:11 A.M. EDT