Check out what Obama was using to communicate directly and secretly to Moscow – 6/15/2017

When a liberal accuses you of something, it’s because they are guilty of what they are accusing you of doing.


First, there is not a single bit of evidence of a Trump-Russia “collusion” or any  “back channel.” But, since those made up lies didn’t work, they are now accusing PRESIDENT Trump of “Obstruction of Justice.”


No one on the right ever trusted anything Obama declared he did to help America, but following is a report you must read. Check this out:


According to the Daily Caller, “the Obama administration had a direct ‘back channel’ to communicate with Russian officials. This secret device was used for talking with the Kremlin to allegedly “keep Moscow from launching cyber attacks against election systems.”  It seems that Obama left this channel connection behind after leaving the White House. 



What back room deals did Obama make with foreign entities?  A back channel for Russia? what about organizing the ransom Obama paid for our servicemen held captive by Iran? The Iran Nuclear deal? All these done without the input of our Congress or following the Constitution. What crimes did Obama commit? Where is his Obstruction of Justice inquiry for all 8 years?

Yet, here we are, as we already said, a Russia probe on our President that has morphed into Obstruction of Justice.  Last week we all watched FBI Director Comey be interrogated. Did anyone believe a word he said? When is Obama going to be investigated along with AG Lynch and Hillary Clinton? There are too many unanswered questions!

Keep your eyes open America, the left is playing a shell game designed to confuse you.  Do you see how the left keeps crying to get their way and they are wrong?  Well, we should start our crying for what we know is right!