Law Makers were briefed privately by Comey in Classified Situations #conflictOfInterest #ComeyLeaks #LeakingComey #FBILeaks – 6/13/2017

AMERICA:  Information continues to pile up showing us a full picture of the shady dealings between FORMER FBI DIRECTOR James Comey and FORMER AG Lynch.  James Comey MUST be investigated for his leaks, his ‘Obstruction of Justice’ together with that of AG Loretta Lynch.  

The #RESISTANCE movement has been derailing our national conversation since INAUGURATION with ‘FAKE NEWS’ from the mass media and from the Democratic National Machine with the FAKE RHETORIC about RUSSIA that did not pan out for them.  Now they have this ‘OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE’ lie going on.  All this is done in an effort to take away focus from what is really happening in the D.C. Swamp and to stop President Trump from ACHIEVING HIS PLANS FOR AMERICA #MAGA. The Dems are still upset that even with lying, cheating, stealing, getting rid of Seth Rich, they still lost.

As we all know, the Deep State, Clinton, Comey, Lynch, Susan Rice, Obama, etc. have created the RUSSIA lie in order to derail an investigation ‘Matter’ on the democrat scandals and there have been many.  Well now, EVERYTHING is about to hit the fan.  Here is a video from “HANNITY” last night where Sara Carter reveals news details on Comey & Lynch and their “steely silence” following their confrontation about the Clinton investigation. 

Comey is winning in his MANIPULATION GAME.  By pointing out what Loretta Lynch said, making the Clinton Investigation a ‘MATTER’, Comey is protecting his reputation before the world.  Comey is a MASTER MANIPULATOR deflecting from himself and redirecting attention to Lynch.  All the while, Clinton is nowhere to be found.

Comey has used his FBI position, clout, legal background and insider knowledge to try to smear President Trump with allegations and mere comments, trying to create ‘REASONABLE DOUBT’ against POTUS. (REASONABLE DOUBT: standard of evidence required to validate a criminal conviction).  

Sara Carter mentioned the confrontation