Impressive Accomplishments by Trump Administration – President Trump Leads his first full cabinet meeting – talks about plans for America – 6/12/2017

Statement by the Press Secretary on Workforce Development Week

This week the President is placing a strong emphasis on workforce development. Secretaries Alexander Acosta and Betsy DeVos, along with the President’s daughter Ivanka Trump and Reed Cordish with the Office of American Innovation, have been deeply involved in this push.  Secretary Acosta addressed this issue this morning at the President’s first meeting with a fully confirmed Cabinet. Secretary Acosta delivered a presentation on the importance of expanding apprenticeships in America and the need for all agencies to support the Administration’s apprenticeship initiative. A memorandum discussing this policy issue, which every member of the Cabinet received at this morning’s meeting, is attached 


President Trump spoke today at his First Cabinet Meeting and about the Obstructionist Democrats and their delay in confirming his cabinet and the lengthy regular process for people in regular positions in government to be hired. Trump’s entire cabinet is totally approved (5 months after Inauguration).  

President Trump said that unemployment has fallen to the lowest level in 16 years.

He stated that they are still working on Repeal and Replace Obamacare and it will be completed and will pass healthcare with zero backing from the democrats.

He spoke about the administration’s plans for Tax

Reduction, Reform, Simplifications. Also a new budget to reduce wasteful spending.  How we are combating ISIS and Terrorism.  

POTUS talked about Veterans Care and the VA Accountability Act to hold VA employees accountable if they fail our veterans.  IT has passed the House, and are now waiting on the Senate.  

He also spoke about unemployment and the people that have given up looking for work.  And regarding Workforce Development Week, President Trump spoke about apprenticeships and how it will be a big factor in our country for new training and higher quality jobs in  America.  

He also stated that the report on Economic numbers IS incredible, nearly $4 trillion worth has been created in the stock market and 700,000 jobs since inauguration. 

Major legislation will be passed on dumping of steel and aluminum in our country.




  1. Excellent article. So detailed and informative. I cannot believe that there are still people out there who refuse to except all the things that President Trump is doing for us and this country.
    Even Ray Charles could see all the things The President is doing. (Get it).

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