Comey Grilled On CAPITOL Hill – Hannity – 6/8/2017

Comey testified that President Trump was “NOT” under investigation but it was the only thing that was “not leaked”.


Former attorney general Loretta Lynch was able to influence Comey to call the HILLARY CLINTON investigation a “matter”.  This is to hide the truth,

What happened when Loretta Lynch met with Bill Clinton? Why is that not against the law?

James Comey has a double standard. One for Hillary Clinton and one for President Trump. That showes a bias that borders on total hate.

After so many months of endless pushing of all these theories by the Media, there is no such thing as a “Trump Russia collusion.”  THE MEDIA WAS PROVEN WRONG ON THE TRUMP-RUSSIA COLLUSION for good. It’s time for journalists to stop with the false narrative. They have been exposed for the liars that they are.

Today President Trump was exonerated. This has been a ten-month witch hunts to stop President Trump.  There are no clouds over President Trump now.  He can get to work for the American people.  

It is my belief that Comey should be taken in for questioning in all that has transpired.  The head of the FBI wishes he were a stronger man?  Maybe Comey should have followed the law.  Comey broke the law by leaking his own memo to the media. 

The hate that has been sent to all Trumps by the left or anyone that expresses a like towards President Trump is inexcusable.  This is to undermine the will of the people. This is a serious problem in the country.  The left has overplayed their hand.  This is one big witch hunt.

Americans we want President Trump to be given a chance to do his job.  He never broke any laws, but Comey did.  Americans we voted for President Trump to work for us, we gave him a mandate and he is trying to fulfill that mandate.



  1. The truth has finally come out. I know and everybody knows that President Trump is completely innocent, the media who has been wrong the whole time let’s see what they do now, let’s see what they have to say, let’s see what other fake news they can come up with now. I think it’s time now to investigate the Obama and Loretta Lynn on how she got Comey to call the Hillary Clinton case a matter. I think there’s a lot to find out about the past Administration. The Democrats started this now let’s finish it the right way

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