U.S. Air Force vet gets 35 years for trying to join the Islamic State – Figured out the Left’s plan

Been sitting here trying to figure out why the left is creating such upside down picture of America to all the disconnected, unhappy, the minorities, illegal aliens.  They keep fueling the mantra that America is Racist, that we are against people of different color, religion and ethnicities.  Instilling hate against Whites and anything American that glorifies Americanism.

First, the left does not want to recognize America’s sovereignty, the Constitution, and our right to live in a Law and Order country, as it has always been. They consider supporting America, Americanism “racist.” This is our nation, we have sovereignty, we fought for this land, this idea, this America!

Second, they follow Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” to the letter: RULES FOR RADICALS: A PRAGMATIC PRIMER FOR REALISTIC RADICALS (1971). Want to understand Hillary Clinton? read Saul Alinsky (with a glass of wine in hand so you don’t become ill). 

During the Republican National Convention, when Ben Carson gave his speech, he drew attention to Hillary Clinton’s tribute to the radical community organizer Saul Alinsky.  During that speech. Ben Carson tied together that Hillary Clinton was deeply impressed with Saul Alinsky.  But Carson continued and mentioned that:


“the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.”

So Hillary wrote in 1969: 

‘There Is Only the Fight …’: An Analysis of the Alinsky Model,” a 92-page senior thesis at Wellesley College on the elder radical’s tactics. At the Clintons’ request, the thesis was embargoed until after they left the White House.  

Washington Examiner

So the Soros, Hillary, Schumer, Cory Booker, Tom Perez, Pelosi, Wasserman-Schultz, et al. all repeat the same mantra in the hopes that the hate will stick somewhere, in someone’s mind.  

HERE IS: Saul Alinsky”s Doctrine: 8 steps to topple a nation and create a socialist state

1) Healthcare — Control healthcare and you control the people

2) Poverty — Increase the Poverty level as high as possible, poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you are providing everything for them to live.

3) Debt — Increase the debt to an unsustainable level. That way you are able to increase taxes, and this will produce more poverty.

4) Gun Control — Remove the ability to defend themselves from the Government. That way you are able to create a police state.

5) Welfare — Take control of every aspect of their lives (Food, Housing, and Income).

6) Education — Take control of what people read and listen to — take control of what children learn in school.

7) Religion — Remove the belief in God from the Government and schools.

8) Class Warfare — Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor. This will cause more discontent and it will be easier to take (Tax) the wealthy with the support of the poor.

Investment Watchdog

Now, we have the Kathy Griffin incident. Griffin portrayed herself holding the cut-off head of our President, dripping in blood, holding it just like ISIS. Now, after we all had our say against it, and after her insincere apology, Griffin shows up with her lawyer, still talking like radicals do, claiming she has been harmed by President Trump. Nobody is taking her First Amendment right to speak, yet she is inflicting herself onto the national media, with her hateful rhetoric, shamefully unrepentant. A true radical.

So this malaise hangs over America, people can’t understand this feeling they are getting that things are not right, that America is Racist, Bad……that they are not getting their just due and they blame it on President Trump and the Right.  All instilled in the communities’ subconscious by the continued hateful rhetoric created by the left. 

So now we have people with these instilled bad feelings about America saying things like this:

“My only regret is that it’s taken me so long to recognize how frightened and racist my country has become.”


Tairod Pugh, a U.S. Air Force veteran convicted of attempting to join Islamic State, was sentenced to 35 years in prison on Wednesday after delivering an impassioned speech in which he maintained his innocence and decried what he called the United States’ racism and Islamophobia.

“I am a black man. I am a military man. I am a Muslim man,” Pugh said at his sentencing hearing in Brooklyn federal court. “I protected this country and the Constitution. And my service was repaid by dishonoring my name.”

Pugh, who spoke for about half an hour before U.S. District Judge Nicholas Garaufis cut him off, said he had done nothing wrong, and was treated unjustly because of his race and religion.

“My only regret is that it’s taken me so long to recognize how frightened and racist my country has become,” he said.

But Garaufis said jurors had ample evidence to convict Pugh last March, including Islamic State propaganda videos found on his laptop and posts he wrote on Facebook supporting the extremist organization.

“This isn’t about whether you’re Muslim or Christian or Jewish,” the judge said. “This is about whether you’re going to stand up for your country, or betray your country, which has done so much for you.”

“You’ve made your choice, sir,” Garaufis continued, immediately before imposing the sentence. “I have no sympathy.”

Pugh’s attorney, Susan Kellman, said after the hearing that Pugh would appeal his conviction and sentence.

Pugh, 49, was found guilty after a week-long trial of attempting to provide material support to a designated terrorist organization, and obstruction for destroying four portable electronic storage devices after his detention in Turkey.

Prosecutors said Pugh bought a one-way plane ticket from his home in Egypt to Turkey in 2015 planning to cross the Syrian border into territory controlled by the Islamic State. He was detained in an Istanbul airport by Turkish authorities, found carrying maps of Islamic State territory and border crossings into Syria.

Prosecutors also pointed to a letter addressed to his wife, found on his laptop, in which he vowed to fight for Islam. Pugh said on Wednesday he intended to fight the government of Bashar al-Assad in Syria, not join the Islamic State.

Pugh served as an avionics specialist in the Air Force from 1986 to 1990 and later worked as an Army contractor in Iraq from 2009 to 2010, according to federal prosecutors. Reuters


“This isn’t about whether you’re Muslim or Christian or Jewish,” US District Judge Nicholas Garaufis told Tairod Pugh before handing down his decision. “This is about whether you’re going to stand up for your country, which has done so much for you, or betray your country.

“You made your choice,” the jurist growled. “I have no sympathy.”


But the left is so bent on achieving their open borders’ dreams, they’re willing to take the risk of terrorists infiltrating even our military. This isn’t a war simply against ISIS, or sharia, or Islam — it’s a war against the Democrats, the left, the progressives in U.S. politics. Pamela Geller