President Donald J. Trump – Weekly Address: 5/12/2017 – White House




  • Confidence in the American Economy has reached levels not seen in many years.

  • Unemployment Fell to its lowest level in nearly ten (10) years and created 211,000 new jobs.

  • Economic Progress is especially good news for millions of young Americans who are now receiving a diploma, certificate or commission.


To all of America’s Graduates, Congratulations!

To All of America’s Youth, We are Here to Help Create the Jobs and Future You Deserve! The brightest days are ahead of you!!!  

President Donald J. Trump



  1. Trump Train keeps on going as amazing as our Best President Ever he knocks it out of the field yes again 211,000 jobs unemployment down lowest since 10year’s I’m. Just saying our 45thPresident Donald J.Trump has and keeps on “MAGA”

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