DICK MORRIS and the Firing of Comey by Our President Donald J. Trump


The firing of Director Jim Comey clears the way for a possible indictment of Hillary Clinton.  During the campaign, four separate U.S. Attorneys launched investigations at the Pay for Play at the Clinton Foundation where Hillary would provide access and favors to donors as Secretary of State.  The investigation was impeded by Attorney General Loretta Lynch.  In fact, that is likely what Bill and Lynch talked about on the Tarmac in July.  Lynch refused to let the prosecutors convene a Grand Jury, refused to let them subpoena witnesses, she insisted that the investigation be “slow walked.”  Come implemented those instructions.

Now with Comey gone, and Attorney General Sessions  free to work with President Trump, to appoint a strong head of the FBI, that investigation will now proceed.  The Clinton Foundation has closed down.  They sold it like the Ford Foundation,  money stopped coming in, and they folded up shop.  But its record of bribery and pay for play remains and they remain criminal acts that Bill and Hillary committed.

So now we continue to watch and see how a real President works, who follows the law.  President Trump surrounded  his Administration with the best people that will work to continue to “Drain the Swamp” and continue protecting our Constitution to bring back Law & Order, fulfilling each and every promise that He made to America during his campaign.

God Bless America, God Bless President Trump and his entire family and administration. God Guide them and protect them.