Don’t Loose Hope – God Is In Control!!! A Christian Perspective


Yes, we have been praying for deliverance.  We have been given President Trump. Finally, God-Ordained, we don’t have a figure-head in the White House anymore.  We have a leader and the shot has been heard all across the world.  President Trump is the result and answer to prayer that God has given us.  We have a leader that leads this country, will protect this country at all cost.  We must trust that what we see is for good, and if you are fearful, pray.  President Trump has a spirit rooted in GOD and his fire and passion for America will never die.  America continue praying for this man, he is inspired by the Holy Spirit and has been given vision to lead America and the world out of the darkness that is this world.  Look at the big picture America, don’t focus on the obstacles. 

The prayer warfare from the army of God has been working.  President Trump just defunded Planned Parenthood.  He is keeping his promises.  He is standing for truth, he wants to help the American worker, and companies to grow. He is working in the background for each one of us.  The least we can do is pray and stand by him in every way possible.

Stop listening to media news outlets that are instilling fear, propaganda and paranoia.  America does not see the intelligence reports that President Trump sees three-four times a day, every day.  We must trust President Trump’s judgment.  Listen to President Trump’s Twitter and Facebook page.  Whatever he needs us to know, it will be there.  He will not lie to us, he can’t tell us everything but you must trust him that he’s got this.  He is an instrument of GOD doing the work of GOD for All Americans no matter who you are, where you came from and what religion you believe in.  Stop listening to the doom and gloom, you can become addicted.  Listen to the Good News, the Gospel.