Egyptian-American charity worker freed – President Trump Gains Freedom for Aid Worker AYA HIJAZ from Egypt

Success by President Donald J. Trump

An Egyptian-American charity worker freed after nearly three years of detention in Egypt returned Thursday night to the United States, the White House said.

Aya Hijazi, 30, and her husband, Mohamed Hassanein, an Egyptian, arrived in the Washington area, said a White House official who was not authorized to discuss the case by name and requested anonymity.

Earlier this week a court acquitted Hijazi of charges of child abuse that were widely dismissed as bogus by human rights groups and U.S. officials. She and her husband had established a foundation to aid street children in 2013, but were arrested along with several others in 2014.

Her case was on the agenda when President Donald Trump met earlier this month with Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi.

Details of their arrival were first reported by The Washington Post. Their release and the freedom of four other humanitarian workers were negotiated by Trump and White House aides, and Trump sent a U.S. government aircraft to Cairo to bring them home, the Post reported.

Hijazi, a dual national, was born in Egypt and grew up in Falls Church, Virginia, a Washington suburb. She received a degree in conflict resolution from George Mason University in 2009. Source: Fox News.

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President Donald Trump is working at an unparalleled pace to get the important things done for America.  This one, specifically, really touched my heart.  President Trump sees a problem, tackles it, researches it, goes through the proper channels and things begin to happen.  As we speak, President Trump is working feverishly to get this country back on track from the planned destruction of the Obama Administration.  I really hate to put it this way, but you all see yourselves.  Everything in America and the world is falling apart at the seams and we are blessed by God to Have Trump at the helm, putting it all back together, properly, carefully, gingerly, and building relationships with countries we have not spoken with in decades, while doing it.

Every day I wake up excited to find out what else President Trump is fixing, creating, and protecting for us Americans and really, the world.  This is one very good thing, to save someone like Aya and Mohammed, humanitarian workers, from charges that were bogus while they were putting their lives in danger to protect children from abuse.  I commend President TRUMP, President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi and Aya and Mohamed for their work.  God bless America, God Bless Egypt.