I was sitting watching Fox News last night and the snowflakes were calling Our Beloved, hard-working, President a Fascist.  Do they know what a Fascist really is?

NOUN: FASCIST – An authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization, or intolerant views or practice.  Ok, so

NOUN: NATIONALIST – A person with strong POLITICAL INDEPENDENCE FOR A COUNTRY. A person with Strong patriotic feelings, especially one who believes in the superiority of their country over others.

So, being a Nationalist is a great thing. It means President Trump places Americans ahead of the line.  We Trumpers admire that and support it.  Protecting our Nation is a “Good Thing” like Martha Stewart always says.  And President Trump has never PUSHED anyone to buy or do anything.  He gently and strongly reignited our Patriotic passions hidden deep inside of us and now we exercise our Passions into productive, meaningful ways.

Now if you really want to get into that nasty word Fascist, we can. The only president in the history of America that ever pushed anyone to buy anything against their will is Obama with “Obamacare.” Where is the outcry about Obama? where IS the LEFT LOONEY OUTCRY? How come the left never called Obama a Fascist, cause he really is one! How come Maxine Waters is not calling out Obama on being A FASCIST? Or the liberal media and their buddies, Hollywood???

Answer: Because It is the convenient label put upon a “Conservative” by the left because they don’t like what conservatives stand for, and that is Law and Order, Americanism, the U.S. Constitution and GOD.

The Country is upside down, we are almost at the brink of a Thermonuclear war with North Korea with added provocations. ISIS and their medieval cousins have murdered Christians and Muslims and have destroyed churches all over the world for 8-years while Obama called America all kinds of demeaning names, while he apologized for our existence.

We have Russian planes flying over Alaska, and our military has to be scrambling all over the globe to contain the demonic forces that Obama has helped unleash by taking America off its pedestal and withdrawing our influence all over the sphere. So if we are going to speak truthfully, the only Fascist here is President Obama.

So, today’s reality is that President Trump IS LEFT ALONE to clean up Obama’s mess in so many levels! In the meantime, Obama gets to walk away free while working hard to undermine our President as we speak. The snowflakes call it “RESISTANCE”….the real meaning in the dictionary is:

VERB – SUBVERT – TO Undermine the power or authority of an established system or institution, to overthrow, to cause the downfall, ruin, or destruction of, a conspiracy. 

Well, isn’t that what the left is doing since Day 1 of Trump’s announcement.  Undermine, misinform, subvert, conspire, convey all made up lies about our candidate?

God did win on Election Day 2016, because he placed the right person in the job of President of the United Sates. Someone to dumbfound the proud and ignorant.  A vehicle, a someone who listens to GOD and the people HE places around him, despite the murmurs from the left.

We pray to GOD that America and the world make it through this year without a world war that Obama’s neglect and lack of action helped to create. Terrorists are plotting to destroy our country and the unrelenting threat by pan-national gangs and their turf wars and drugs within the United States is real. All this created by the open door policy of the Obama era regime through all his mindless Executive Orders disregarding our Laws on the books and the U.S. Constitution.  

If we want to build a wall, well dog gone it, we will. It’s our right to protect our families from foreign and domestic enemies.  If outsiders don’t like it, well that’s just too bad and if you think you can destroy public property and hurt others that don’t agree with your point of view, well that is called “Civil Disobedience.” If if you are illegal and do these things, the AG will deport you and that is the law of the land.

Legal Immigrants in the U.S. demand to be safe and have worked hard to come here legally. Our citizens demand and deserve the protections afforded to us under the U. S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.  So, yes, the laws on the books will be enforced. This is a “new era, the Trump Era.”

Let’s pray hard America, we need it. We need God’s Mercy, Guidance and Protection. God Bless America.  Amen.

R. Micallef