COMMENTS on President Trump’s Warning to Syria

Senator Marco Rubio stated that:

  1. It was legal, it had to be done because he was in violation of an agreement that we were guarantors of that he would get rid of chemicals weapons and he lied and didn’t do so. He was also in violation of international law, also in violation of a UN Security Council Resolution,
  2. We have American troops, hundreds of American troops now embedded throughout Syria and Iraq and this guy is dropping Sarin gas, so it posed a threat to American personnel,
  3. It achieved a very clear military objective. That is we are going to destroy or significantly destroy one of the six airfields from which he had conducted that Sarin attach 48-hours ago.  It had a clear mission, he gave the necessary resources to achieve it and they achieved it,
  4. This is not a declaration of war, this is not a commitment of significant ground troops over an extended period of time. It was a strategic attack and in exigent circumstances and the President has to have the ability to act.  That is his role as Commander-In-Chief is to protect our national security interests. Every president has held that position and I hold that position and so not only it what he did is legal, it was appropriate.

Rubio: World must hold Syria’s Assad accountable for chemical attacks, war crimes

Rubio discusses U.S. airstrikes in Syria on NBC’s Today Show

Listen to NBC’s tone going against President Trump versus the understanding, supportive tone of Fox News.  What a difference truth makes.



  1. We finally have a president that has balls to do something to show these other countries will not messing around anymore more. There’s a new sheriff in town and his name is President Donald J Trump 😆😆😆

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