Saudi Arabian Prince Tells THIS to President Trump but Obama had turned them down!!!

As we all know, President Trump met with the Saudi Prince yesterday …….

The biggest news to come out of this meeting is that the Saudi’s had told Obama that they were willing and able to not only give money towards the fight against ISIS, but that they would also be willing to have their army fight against ISIS. The offer from Saudi Arabia to the Obama administration was to go into Syria to fight ISIS but the offer was not met with “enthusiasm” by the Obama administration!!!

This is something that the Obama administration OMITTED to tell America and the world.  The implication from the Obama administration was that the Saudi’s were only interested in themselves and that the Americans could go fight and die to protect the Saudi’s and that they (the Saudi’s) had never intended to lift a finger to help out!!! Also, another lie told by the Obama administration was that Saudi Arabia has 100,000 fancy, air-conditioned tents sitting empty and that the Saudi’s wouldn’t let any of the Syrian refugees use the area? Lies, lies and more lies.

The Saudi Prince, after meeting with President Trump conveyed this:  Saudi Arabia has been a strategic partner with the United States  and wants to reinvigorate the partnership with the U. S.  They want to move into the 21st Century together in a mutually beneficial way!  

In my humble opinion, by Obama turning down the Saudi’s help to fight ISIS with their troops and their money, this allowed ISIS to continue growing. To me this means that Obama was on the side of ISIS, unless I am not understanding the facts.  Why would a U.S. president not allow a strategic partner to fight against a common enemy and allow the refugee crisis to continue?  Did Obama want the world to continue being taken over by his Islamic refugee partners together with George Soros and the New World Order and thus allow them to multiply and take over America?  What do you think? Should Obama and his administration be tried for Treason against America?

Share your comments with me.  I would like to hear what you have to say.  Thank you.



  1. I had heard that the Saudi’s would send in their troops and also give money in the fight against ISIS. Don’t know what happened with that. But I personally wasn’t aware of the fact that the Saudi’s were willing to take in Syrian Refugees. Didn’t hear anything about that. If the Saudi’s want to take in the Refugees from Syria than that’s a good thing, but the Saudi’s could have said something about that which I believe they didn’t. I don’t trust the Saudi’s. Aside from that, I’m not so sure this article is absolutely true. Just my opinion.

    1. HI CAROLE: IT’S OK. I appreciate your comment. The video is from a trusted source well known to us Trump Admins. I did not hear in the video any confirmation that they would be willing to take the refugees either. That I agree with myself. Thanks for commenting. God Bless You!

    2. Thank you Truth Herald for the “God Bless”. Appreciate that. Are you in the UK? Because your post date is 3/16/17 @ 12:27 AM. Aside from that, I’m also wondering what the Saudi’s proposed and what they think they’re going to get in exchange for their magnanimous offer. They could be a great help in taking in those Syrian Refugees to fill up those 100,000 A/C tents they built but they won’t do that because the Syrian Refugees practice a different type of Islam than the Saudi’s do. Also, Saudi Arabia has Troops? I have too many questions regarding any promises the Saudi’s make. Call me a cynic, but I seem to remember that the Saudi’s would not allow U.S. planes to fly over their country to attack Iraq. I consider them to be 2-faced. If I were Trump, I’d be very, very careful with the Saudi’s

    3. Im with you Carole !!! How about establishing a SAFE Place for Syrian Refugees in those airconditioned tents!!! and let Russia and Syria take care of ISIS .. seems like they are doing a gr8 job so far since Russia hsa not been fighting ISIS that long and has pretty much wipped them out .. but for US interference .. .. (cease fire .. therefore allowing ISIS to regroup while we sned them more arms !!) Boo Hiss ..

  2. Do not trust Saudi at ALL !!! Rid the world of ISIS but leave Assad alone .. and btw .. if you are not invited to “help” destroy ISIS .. by the Syrian Govt .. (ASSAD) Stay OUT of their Beez Wax .. havent we done enough harm in the middle east .. Boo Hiss .. Saudis want to put their own Bootz on the ground … toppling Assad is their goal .. Leave Syria ALONE 🙁

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