President Trump Leads Listening Session on Healthcare – 3/13/2017

President Trump is committed to repealing and replacing Obama’s Healthcare Plan.

President Trump explained that the House Bill to repeal and replace Obamacare will give you:

  • More choices

  • Lower Costs

  • Pick the Plan you want

  • Pick the Doctor you want

  • Unleash the power of the private marketplace to let insurers compete for your business so rate go down

  • More Competition and less regulation will bring down the cost of healthcare, it will take a little while (1-2 years). President Trump was NOT happy about that, but commented that is how long it takes to implement the new plan.


President Trump commented how the Press is making Obamacare look so good. He remarked that Obamacare covers very few people and it’s imploding. Obamacare is a disaster. 

President Trump invited regular citizens to share their horror stories of the impact that Obamacare had on their lives.  How some of them paid thousands of dollars and never received the care for their families that they needed and were unable to keep their doctor and had to opt out of Obamacare and ended up paying the penalties.

One citizen, an attorney, does not believe in the public funding of abortion with the “Affordable Care Act” and believes in religious freedom and building a culture of life.  There was a doctor from Tennessee that educates folks about healthcare and said that the people there cannot afford to pay for the healthcare plan and they pay the tax penalty because it’s cheaper, so they go without healthcare. 

Most of the stories were about people not being able to afford Obamacare and had to opt out of the plan and can only  afford to pay the penalties.  The rate increases are astronomical and the high premiums for a plan they don’t want and do not need.  Some counties in Tennessee only have one option, one plan.  There are 35 counties in Tennessee that have no options.

A Physician from Texas said patients he had in the hospital were shocked to receive a $20,000 bill that they were responsible for $6,000 of the total.  Medicaid expansions do not cover Obamacare, so folks with chronic care like cancer, most physicians do not accept the Medicaid Expansion.  The Folks with Obamacare are not really covered at all because of the high premiums. This doctor really liked the changes made to the healthcare plan.

A nurse from Wisconsin, a mom, commented how middle class families were impacted by the ACA.  Her insurance was cancelled and it forced her to have to get another job, a full-time position at another hospital so that she could get insurance for her family and her deductible is $6,500 and it forced her to leave her part-time job and go into a full-time job and lose time with her young children.

All the stories were different but the outcome is the same.  People unable to have healthcare that they need but saddled with high deductibles and those that cannot afford the deductibles, just pay the penalties and go without insurance.