Wiretapping of President Donald Trump – supporting information

There is a much bigger scandal here: (FISA=Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act)

LEVINE: “We have a prior administration, Barack Obama and his surrogates, who were supporting Hillary Clinton who were supporting the Democrat Party, who were using the instrumentalities of the Federal Government intelligence activities, to surveil members of the Trump Campaign and to put that information out in the public.  Those are police state tactics. Nothing General Flynn did, nothing General Sessions has done are even in the same category as that.  

Where did the orders come from to intercept these phone calls? To record these phone calls? How many more phone calls involving Michael Flynn and other would be administration officials were intercepted and recorded? Were the President of the United States? the now president of the United States, Donald Trump, were his phone calls recorded?  

I am speaking as somebody who was Chief of Staff to an attorney general.  I am telling you it is not that simple to get authorization from the FISA Court! It’s not that simple to be tapping into phone calls and recording phone calls, particularly of private citizens.  So the questions is, how many of Michael Flynn’s phone calls to various foreign leaders were intercepted by the Obama administration and recorded by the Obama administration? How many phone calls by Donald Trump, if any, have been intercepted by the Obama administration and recorded by the Obama administration, and all the other transition officials involved in foreign policy and national security and defense policy.  This, ladies and gentlemen, is the real scandal!

Today’s reporting on Sessions having a chance meeting with the ambassador this summer of Russia, and having an actual meeting in his senate office this summer.  Where did that information come from? Where did that information come from?”

So the question ladies and gentlemen, was Obama surveilling top Trump campaign officials during the election? In other words, was the president of the United States on behalf of Hillary Clinton and the Democrat party, using our intelligence services or the FISA Court to gather information on their opponents.  THIS IS A MASSIVE SCANDAL, THE LIKES OF WHICH WE HAVE NEVER SEEN!

I asked my buddy Andrew McCarthy about this, off-line, we talk a lot. He said to me “we absolutely know this is true.”

The FBI did a preliminary,  criminal investigation based on potential of connection between a server in Trump Towers and a couple of Russian banks.  That turned out to be a dry hole.  But one of the most outrageous things I have ever seen he wrote me, totally uncovered by the media, of course.  Instead of closing the investigation, the Obama Justice Department tried to turn it into a FISA court investigation in June.  Apparently the first application they submitted named Trump.  But we don’t know whether that means named him as a proposed surveillance target? or just mentioned his named his name in the application someplace.  In any event, even the FISA Court which  is very solicitous of  Government requests said no!  There was not enough evidence to make our Probable Cause involving Donald Trump.  The required FISA showing to get a wire tap is PROBABLE CAUSE! Probable cause that the target is an agent of a foreign power.  This must mean that in the middle of the campaign, Obama’s Justice Department was actively having Trump and some of this associates investigated, suggesting to a United States COURT that they were agents of Vladimir Putin’s regime. 

In October, stretch run of campaign and five months after FISA Court said no. The Obama Justice Department goes back to the FISA Court with what we are told was a more narrowly tailored application.  This one does not mention Trump, the FISA Court approved it and the apparent targets were Manafort, Stone and Page (Paul Manafort, Roger Stone and Carter Page). For all we know, it might still be going on.  The New York Times wrote a big story about it in mid-January.  In the story, after all the heavy breathing at the beginning, the Time concedes the investigation of Manafort and the others may have nothing to do with Trump and the Russian Hacking!!!!”

Micallef:  How far does this go? What other investigations are going on right now? What other laws have been broken by the Obama Presidency? How deep does this dirt go? How safe are we citizens now? What is their end game? We know Obama is working hard to undermine the Trump administration but to what end? to destroy our Constitution and to aid Radical Islam and the New World Order? OR IS IT TO FULFILL the Democrats desire to Impeach our President who is not involved in anything that they are alleging?  How do we stop it?  This is beyond anything that has ever happened in American politics, and far worse than Watergate and other scandals.  This is the misuse of government power to undermine a free election and the new administration.  I for one, hope that Obama and all his ilk get tried for TREASON and are imprisoned for crimes against America, Americans and the world for creating this environment where everyone distrusts everyone, where breaking the law and inciting violence in our society towards Whites, Conservatives, Blacks that support Trump and Democracy are targeted and for targeting a GREAT MAN LIKE OUR PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP.  I hope and pray that ATTORNEY JEFF SESSIONS nails these creeps to the wall and makes an example of them.  This to me is the worst kind of treason, because its Aim is to take away the POWER from 65 million of us who voted for President Donald J. Trump and to silence our voices for freedom in America.  This is a crime of immense proportions and someone should be held accountable for it.