Dr. Alveda King accuses Sen. Warren of ‘playing the race card’

Dr. Alveda King spoke to Fox & Friends this past Friday, regarding Sen. Tim Scott, and the “backlash that Conservative African-Americans get for espousing view points that stand up for the values we believe America to be.”

Ms. King said that “In the liberal camp playing the race card has worked for years but it doesn’t work that much anymore.  Ms. King was reacting to Sen. Warren’s failed attempt to read Coretta Scott King’s letter on the Senate floor as a weapon against Senator Sessions nomination. Ms. King said “To play the race card and put my Aunt in the middle of it was just too much.”

Liberals espouse anything that advances their agenda to impose their views into our society. They only support those that have their point of view and block anyone else’s right to free speech. This is unacceptable and has to stop now!


Sen. Tim Scott Reads Hate Mail in Speech on Senate Floor

We need to support and protect Conservative’s rights to free speech in America!



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