The Change Agent


A few thoughts now on a country that is truly undergoing what someone once called, a fundamental transformation. This transformation started the day President Trump was elected. President Trump is the “Change Agent” that he assured us all he would be in the campaign. He brings into the presidency indefatigable commitment to Make America Great Again. And not even the posh lords and masters of the left-wing media and their minion can suppress his boundless energy.

We had even more good news on the economy today:

  • We had a strong jobs report for last month and President Trump is building on that.

  • President Trump signed an Executive Order to begin rolling back Dodd Frank, a move that the White House National Economic Counsel Director hailed as a boost to business.

This is an exciting time for America and I look forward to all eight-years of President Trump’s Presidency. Are you on the Trump Train for the duration?