The anarchist, communist, radical left.

MY TAKE: It is so obvious that the Democrats did NOT listen to a single word that then President-Elect spoke during his hundreds of rallies around the nation.  They never stopped to listen to his plans to Make America Great Again or even cared.  They considered President Obama to be a better president, to all of us normal Americans, that is nuts. They talk about President Trump in insulting terms, crazy, lunatic, impeachment, mental instability to impose an amendment, a military coup and other comments. These people are out of their mind and they expose their radical, marxist, communist, unstable beliefs every time they speak in public. They don’t believe we have the right to our voice or votes, and they totally overlook, disregard the Constitution. The Military coup was mentioned by Rosa Brooks, that she means to be necessary.

Mad world said: “It is plain to see that the progressive left is going to continue to escalate their attack on President Trump and indirectly on us. They believe that these riots going on are justified. What type of insane people are these? We, the silent majority that put President Trump in office needs to consistently remind these crazy lefties that we won’t tolerate it.”

While watching Lou Dobbs tonight, he mentioned and spoke of what the democrats are doing and speaking about: Subversion, Sedition, Assassination, Bombings. The left has steadily destroyed this country and continues to do so. What is it going to take to stop these outlaws?

George Soros (his son Alexander Soros), Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer,  Al Franken, Sen. Warren, Keith Ellison are all on board with Alexander Soros. Alexander is a promoter of open society values and is connected to @UCBerkeley. I also saw a tweet from W. Kamau Bell where he speaks to Cornell Wm. Brooks and the NAACP using hashtags #StopSessions #resist.  All these people are in bed together to go after President Trump and Senator Sessions. It’s organized.  In another tweet, Alexander Soros endorses Keith Ellison for Chair of DNC on 11/15/16 and copies Jewish Action, Chuck Schumer, Al Franken, Sen. Warren.  It is obvious they have been planning all this.

These crazies need to be stopped, they are working to subvert our government and take away our choice for President. They are working together against the will of the silent majority. We need to start keeping track of these operations in one way or another and report it. What went on in Berkeley last night was a demonstration paid for by George Soros, and acted out by the criminal entity black panthers, and black lives matter, combined with radical Islamic terrorists to make us think that the country is falling down. This is a subversion by the Democratic Party to destroy our democracy and to destroy the rule of law and Donald J Trump’s presidency. They have tapped into the mindless, uneducated, Godless minds of the young and they infiltrated youth from other nations into our colleges. It is a perfect fertile ground to plant evil and destroy our nation from within. In my eyes, all colleges and universities should be shut down for a period of a year and should be investigated for radical Islamic terrorists within them. Professors should be fired and only American citizens of Judeo-Christian values should teach our young people. Fire the rest.  We can’t have thugs teaching our children in colleges and brain washing them.

WE MUST REMEMBER THESE ELECTED PEOPLE when the elections come around in 2018. They serve us, not the other way around. Please let me know what you think. Thank you.