Jamiel Shaw, Sr. has a message for Chuck Schumer! He better listen…..

Grieving father calls Schumer’s tearful refugee message “so fake.”


Jamiel Shaw, Jr. had been the subject of interest as a college football player on both sides of the country when he was murdered simply because his red Spiderman backpack was mistaken as a gang sign. He was shot in the head twice and killed by an illegal immigrant in 2008. His father Jamiel Shaw, Sr. has a very powerful message for Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

Ainsley Ehrhardt: What is your message to Chuck Schumer when you see him crying because he thinks that refugees should have more rights than Americans?

Jamiel Shaw: I know a lot of parents,  who cry every day, including myself.  Is all we do is think of our loved ones and to see him crying for terrorists and for people we don’t even know who they are? We have Americans here and he gives us no support! You know, I could care less about Chuck Schumer!

This is America, we have the right to protect our Sovereign land and our citizens from illegal immigration, criminals, the laws are in the books. If we are not  protected here at home where we live, and safe, where do we go?  How is it that LIBERALS think they get to choose which laws they will follow and which they won’t? Who started this mantra that illegals and foreigners from other lands have priority over our laws, safety, Constitution and will.  If you don’t want your families split up, don’t come here illegally. The left has gone totally mad, they are out of control and have become a threat to us, the right that voted and supports President #DonaldJTrump.

The left is making a big mistake, our weapons are law, order and dignity. The left has mistaken our self-control for lack of power. WE love America…………  You don’t want us to react, trust me.

“Fools show their annoyance at once, but the prudent overlook an insult.” Proverbs 12:15-16

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