“The American Dream is Back.” Donald J. Trump Met with Small Business Leaders at the White House Today, January 30, 2017

President Trump mentioned in passing about his outstanding cabinet and how Democrats are playing politics with his cabinet’s confirmations. He said: “they are taking their sweet time.” He also mentioned Chuck Schumer and his “fake tears” and what a good actor he is. I totally agree!

The democrats are doing everything possible in the eyes of the world to stop President Trump in all his initiatives, the same initiatives we voted him in to accomplish. The left is coordinating with Radical Islam to go against the Will of the American People and our mandates to President Trump, and the Constitution.  We ARE a nation of laws, but the left thinks that with loud demonstrations, cries of discrimination, fake news and prepared staged videos and photos of so-called “families being torn apart” is going to sway us the American public. Hell no! It Will NOT.  We suffered eight long years under the Obama regime and now that Radical Islamic Terrorism and the left are loosing their grip on America, they start crying foul on Trump’s “Extreme Vetting” Plans, plans he clearly announced during his campaign.  What President Trump is doing is upholding the laws and dealing with the mess OBAMA left him. Obama left everything tied in knots to make President Trump look bad. But guess what, President Obama, we know you play dirty. These demonstrators go against the rule of law, our sovereignty, our immigrations laws and our Constitution, and we all know it. They are pro-illegal immigration, pro-illegals, pro-Radical Islam, pro-anarchism. We, the American public are dismissed as the bad guy. No Longer!

President Trump confirmed that Tuesday night he will announce his Very “big” decision on the United States Supreme Court from the White House at 8:00 p.m.

During this meeting, President Trump met with successful small business Leaders at the White House and spoke with them in detail, the Press was present also. President Trump said he loves small business because that’s how he started, with a “small business”that grew into what he has today.  He loves both small and large business. He also said that big business are coming back into Michigan with Ford. General Motors is making big announcements. Fiat-Chrysler made big announcements. Lockheed is expanding as well as Boeing and with new hirings and cutting pricing.

President Trump mentioned the pipelines were approved and spoke about where the pipes were made, in others places and China. We are going to use our pipes to be manufactured with United States Steel and fabricated in the United States by our workers. Small business is a big part of America’s economic success “we are bringing it all back” said President Trump. He wants to make it easier for small business. He wants to simplify, reduce, eliminate regulations and for large businesses as well.

President Trump said “The American Dream is Back.” We are going to create an environment for small business like we have not had in many decades.”

Isn’t President Trump a breath of fresh air! Wow, I feel better just listening to him. Thank you President Trump for bringing hope back to America!



  1. Thank God he got elected. No matter what the left does, he’s got God on his side and he will not fail.

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