Dear Trumper Ladies, Please Watch This! Liberals Attacking Omarosa and Her Response Is Priceless!!!!!


AMERICA, look at what an intelligent, accomplished Trump woman looks like, Omarosa!!! Trump empowers women, he is a powerful force for good all around him and surrounds himself with only the best talent.

During this entire segment, thirteen minutes, Joy Behar’s posture was defensive, her comments and demeanor were insulting and Omarosa rose above it and kept her professional composure. One of the hosts stated the criticism from the African-American community is that President Trump is using Omarosa for the optics and her response was right on point: “First of all no one uses me!” Omarosa said, “I earned my way to the White House, no one gave me anything.” She went on to speak about the voting percentages of the African-American community and the fact that President Trump got 13% of the African-American vote, he doubled what Romney had.

And then, Bam! Omarosa let Joy Behar have it, several times. Watch, enjoy, relish. We all love Omarosa, class, brains, powerful speaker, beauty. Thank you Omarosa, you make us all proud! President Trump, excellent Choice for Director of Communications of Pubic Liaison.