Kellyanne Conway, Counselor to the President with Chris Wallace

Conway defends Trump immigration ban, ripped press ‘a new one’ over bias


Kellyanne Conway, Counselor to President Donald J. Trump, spoke with Fox News Sunday.  Chris Wallace grilled and tried to imply that what President Trump is doing is illegal, that there is protests throughout the country and that now federal judges have stepped in to temporarily block deportation. Conway explained to him that what the Obama judge in Brooklyn, an Obama appointee, Stay of Order does not affect the Executive Order at all,  because the executive order is prospective, its preventing not detaining. So you are talking about 325,000 people from overseas came in yesterday through our airports.  You are talking about 300 and some who have been detained or who have been prevented from gaining access to an aircraft in their home country, and must stay for now, that’s 1%.  In terms of the upside being greater protection of our borders over people, is a small price to pay.  I am told by the officials that anyone who has been detained, if there is not further threat, if they are not dangerous to this country, they can expect to be released in due course, as most of them have already.  Conway said that all situations will be handled in a case-by-case basis.  Wallace tried to make it that we are separating families and Conway responded that the families being vetted is temporary, compared to the 3,000 or so children of those families in 9/11 who will never ever again see their families .

Wallace tried to say that as many Christians as Muslims had been accepted into this country on 2016.  He mentioned that President Trump is barring people from seven countries: Libya, Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Somalia.  But not from: Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.  Conway explained that this list was offered by President Obama and his Administration.  In 2015, Congress passed the Terrorist Prevention Act that actually identified these seven countries as a threat with a history of training, exporting terrorists. Conway mentioned that this is week “ONE” of President Trump’s Administration and President Trump will continue to identify threats and risks.  Conway stated that people cannot have it both ways with President Trump saying that he is not taking the briefings, yes he is.  The political media are not getting daily briefings like our President is, they are not National Security Intelligence Experts.  Conway asked “what about the 46 majority muslim countries that are not being prevented from entering this country. Right there it totally undercuts this theory of a muslim ban.” This ban is a ban of those seven countries perspective travel, trying to prevent terrorists into this country from countries that have a recent history of training and importing terrorists.

They also spoke about the Mexican President Nieto. Conway said that was a mutual cancellation. They spoke for an hour. It’s not great that we have a 60 Billion dollar trade deficit with Mexico. They allow people and drugs to enter this country, they have no respect of our sovereignty. President Trump will start construction of the border wall and has given our great people to protect our border.  They spoke about the 20% option of tariffs and not a trade war. Mexicans sending money back into Mexico is hurting America Conway said. Conway also stated: “what about the parents that have lost their children to these drugs?”

Conway spoke about President Trump being a pro-life president and he will appoint pro-life judges to the Supreme Court.  They also spoke about the media and how they have no integrity.  Conway went on to say how badly President Trump was treated during the elections, and how biased the media is. Conway asked the media to: “listen more.” With a Free Press comes responsibility she stated.  Conway: “My major grievance is that the media does not cover us fairly.”