President Trump’s Answer to Mexico

It is amazing what one man can do when his motives are true and he has a pure heart driven by Love of Country! President Trump #LovesAmerica #LovesUS !

What did the past three president lack that they did not accomplish a tenth of what President Trump has already accomplished in a week.  Is it because they didn’t want to or is it that they had a different agenda?  All I know is that WE ARE BLESSED by GOD above to have such a great man in the White House to protect us and who cares about what we think, feel as citizens of this great Country.

I am so upset about what Mexico’s President, Enrique Pena Nieto, is trying to do. He thinks that he can dictate to President Trump what He can do in his own Country and Administration.  President Nieto vows to protect Illegals living in the US from President Trump?  President Nieto, this is not a dialogue, our Sovereignty is not up for discussion and neither is our border!

Here is what you will do President Nieto. Take all the drug lords, drugs, criminals, rapists that you allowed to leave Mexico and you will take them back and you pay for them, and you deal with the outcome. It is not our problem or duty to take care of your people.  Grow up, put on big boy pants and deal with it.  Mexico has gotten away with quite a lot forever. This all stops here and now. This is America!!!



  1. These people have been allowed to dictate to our country for so long they just think it’s normal !!! Because all they had to do was pay someone off to get what they want! Well there’s a new kid in town folks! This is our country and you don’t dictate NOTHING!!!!

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