Friday, January 20, 2017 ——–Donald Trump Becomes The 45th President of The United States of America

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The fulfillment of a journey that started back in June 2015 when #DonaldJTrump said those very famous words:


Donald J Trump made the announcement at Trump Towers, NYC. The famous descent down the escalator when he said:

“Our country is in serious trouble,” he told them in a rambling address that ranged from the threat from ISIS to the value of fracking. “We don’t have victories any more….When was the last time anybody saw us beating, let’s say, China in a trade deal? They kill us. I beat China all the time. All the Time.”

Everyone discounted him, everyone considered him a complication, a problem, someone who had extreme views.  But to us average Americans struggling with no jobs, high taxes, huge amounts of debt, not knowing if tomorrow we would lose our house, worried about our safety in America, Trump heralded a mantra that felt real, true, safe, Americanism? Imagine that!!! Americanism, protecting our borders, enforcing immigration laws, protecting our First and Second Amendment rights, replacing Obamacare that right now is not affordable to us average Americans, honoring and protecting our beloved Veterans, following the Constitution, honoring Our Flag.  Trump really cares,  he always tells us “I Love You.” When was the last time your heard that from a politician, but Donald J. Trump is not a politician.  I am of the belief that no matter what happens to you in life you take yourself with you, who and what you are goes with you, knowledge, expertise, your soul.  So, Trump took all his executive experience and poured it into finding ways to fix and mend our country.  How lucky are we America?

Fast forward to the present time, 18-months of hard work, a labour of love from Trump, his beloved family and his associates.  A million tweets from his heart and mind to communicate with us his followers. From beating 16 Republican candidates with his so-called high unfavorable ratings to the left finally understanding that Trump’s base was us, the average red-white-blue American to today, Our President-Elect is about to be sworn in as Our President Donald J. Trump.

Trump has worked long and hard and has picked a cabinet of men and women that can run a country and make it succeed.  We are Extremely lucky in that aspect.  Our country is finally in safe hands, in loving, caring hands.  The most important value I feel that Trump brings to America is that he is a True Christian.  His presidency will empower all people, all Americans.  I always say, if one group of people do not succeed, the whole of America will not succeed. Everyone is welcome to the table of success and everyone plays a part in this new America, Trump’s America.

Thank you Mr. President!!! Thank God. God bless us all.

“I am Your Voice” said Donald J. Trump and We believed Him.




  1. I Love Donald Trump he will be the best President ever!!!! I campaigned for him. He wants whats good for Americans and our Veterans and USA. Hes a true leader that speaks hard core truth. He is going to make great changes that we will all prosper!!!! People need to give him a chance. And the Democrats and Liberals got to stop being evil causing hate crimes riots and get over it. We dealt with Obama for 8 years lived so will they.

    Lisa Marie
    Canton Mass

  2. This is a great web site. Professionally and very well written. Good Luck and God Bless you.

  3. Thank God for DONALD J TRUMP……
    It feels like we got a second cchance to safe AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL with Trump…
    Saturday Jan 22st it made me feel PROUD TO BE A AMEEUCAN and that terror cloud over us it is gone.
    Now we need to concentrate on our borders and immigration our Military make it big and the most powerful in the face of hearth also take care our Vets let’s take our infrastructure the rest will do o the years to come

    We need to arrest Michael Moore and also they are both domestic terrorist we need to empower our police to do they job reestablish ORDER…..

    1. CARLOS THANk you for sharing your thoughts. Welcome to my website. Let me know what you think of my other articles. I can use the criticism.
      Thank you and God Bless you.

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